Rick Dempsey's salute

October 06, 1991

Rick Dempsey couldn't be in Baltimore yesterday to be honored with the other members of The Baltimore Sun's all-time Orioles team (he had a good excuse -- his Brewers played in Boston), but he sent a poem he wrote in honor of Memorial Stadium. The poem was read Friday at the luncheon honoring the all-time team.

She's the lady in red, She's Baltimore's Best,

and many a great one have come from her nest.

She gave birth to a thousand, adopted a few,

by the way that she loved them nobody knew.

There was Brooksie and Frank and Booger by name,

there was Palmer, McNally, Paulie and Blade.

Eddie and Flannie and Tippy and Scott,

Dobber and Cuellar, Stanhouse and Stod.

There was Moby and Kell and Gary and Low,

Ritchie and Dennis, Gus and the Crow.

She made Earl her General and Ripken the Sarge.

And they led her children on a perilous charge.

But when the battles had ended on October subsides,

there stood the lady in all of her pride.

She's gray now and tired, and goes to lay down.

With the pennants God gives her to wear as her crown.

Glory and honor will sleep at her feet,

for the miracles she gave us on 33rd Street.

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