In Defense Of O'malley

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October 06, 1991

From: Deborah Henderson


I have just finished reading the letter, "O'Malley abuses power" (Anne Arundel County Sun, Sept. 29). I am appalled that the Rebels organization, which claims "a commitment to youth," could take such a cheap shot at Mr. O'Malley's son, or, as they so glibly put it, "a little O'Malley."

They demand an apology from Mr. O'Malley for an accusation that they call "ludicrous." What is ludicrous is to expect that any self-respecting adult, much less an entire organization, wouldwillingly admit to infringing on another organization's concessions (even if they had committed this "ludicrous" act).

As for bemoaning the fact that their organization, among others, does not have "the luxury of a little O'Malley on their team roster," I ask, does this mean that because this child's father is a local sportswriter, he is to be denied the choice of which organization he wishes to play for? Or was this just an excuse for these "adults" to make a "libelous and unsubstantiated" attack on the O'Malley family? I believe that this group of "adults" called "Members of the Anne Arundel Gridiron Rebels"owes an apology and explanation to "little O'Malley" -- they demanded the same of his father.

I would really like to hear how this group of "adults" justifies using this child to take a shot at his father while they demand an apology on the behalf of the children of theirorganization for an act allegedly committed by one or more of the "adults" of this organization.

I have one thing to say to this Rebels group: If you truly have a commitment to the youth of this county, then leave them out of your petty squabbles.

The sum total of the letter this group wrote was:

1. To accuse Pat O'Malley of "abusingthe power of his employment." Have you confirmed your facts as you demanded of him, or is this just your group's considered opinion?

2. To state that this letter was a public service to all members of the county youth football program. What service did this provide?

3.To use Pat O'Malley's son to take a cheap shot at him. Was this alsoa cheap shot at the Broncos organization?

4. Suggest that the Anne Arundel County Sun owed it to themselves to get a new sportswriter.Is this to be an act of contrition to appease an angry mob?

This entire incident is a difference of opinion, each side believing theiropinion is substantiated.

This letter called Mr. O'Malley inaccurate, libelous, unconscionable, a rumor-monger, and other similar derogatory titles. It is my opinion that this letter is somewhat on the order of the pot calling the kettle black.

Pat O'Malley was accusedof not confirming the "facts" before writing his article. Maybe I missed something in this letter, but I saw no "facts" to disprove what Mr. O'Malley wrote about. The only "fact" that stood out in this letter from the Rebels was that their pride was wounded and anger won outover common sense when this letter was written. They are asking all of us to take their word that this never happened.

Personally, "methinks thou doth protest too much!"


From: Floraine B. Applefeld


"Maryland You Are Beautiful" program

We would like to thank Anne Arundel County Sun staff writer Angela Gambill for her excellent feature article on Jan Emmons, the 1991 "Maryland's Most Beautiful People" Award winner from Anne Arundel County ("Most Beautiful Clown fights cancer one child at a time," Sept. 23, 1991).

Accompanied by two wonderful photos by Lloyd Fox, the article sparkled with the kind of enthusiasm and energy Ms. Emmons brings to her volunteer work as Sunrise the Clown. By exploring Ms. Emmons' personal commitment to the fight against cancer, Ms. Gambill deftly painted a poignant portrait of a Marylander doing extraordinary thingsto brighten the lives of cancer patients of all ages.

Already honored on the county level, Ms. Emmons will be honored at a statewide awards ceremony hosted by Governor Schaefer on Nov. 6 at St. John's College Auditorium in Annapolis. The 7 p.m. ceremony is free and open to the public but tickets are necessary. For ticket information, call 974-3085.

The community is encouraged to attend this ceremony to celebrate Ms. Emmons' good deeds as well as the good deeds of the 23 other "Maryland's Most Beautiful People" Award winners.

Unique to our state and nation, the "Maryland You Are Beautiful" Program has been spreading a unified message of "people pride" for five years through statewide recognition projects like this one. We are most appreciative of the Anne Arundel County Sun's efforts to bring this project and outstanding Marylanders like Jan Emmons to the public's attention.


From: Thomas P. Giles


On July 14, 1991, the (Anne Arundel County Sun) published a letter writtenby Bill Beal of Glen Burnie ("No sportsmanship model") which, in theopinion of a multitude of people, was nothing less than a character assassination of Charles "Tut" O'Hara, assistant Arundel baseball coach.

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