Mcmillen's Bentley Comment Insults Senior Citizens, Women

October 06, 1991

From: Dorothy F. Gwinn

Corresponding secretary

Republican Women of Anne Arundel County

Members attending the board meeting of the Republican Women of Anne Arundel County were very chagrined to read the article on congressional redistricting (The Sun, Sept. 24) in which our present congressman, Tom McMillen, is quoted as wondering "how much longer a woman of Mrs. Bentley's age will remain in Congress."

There is nothing that dictates at what age a member of Congress should retire. Certainly, when one has the knowledge, stamina and proven ability that Mrs. Bentley possesses, there is no reason to believe she will not be able to serve her constituency very well for many more years to come.

Our members are of the opinion that there are a lot more qualities that make a congressman effective than the mere factor of age. We are confident many other women andsenior citizens as well share our opinion in this instance.

*From: Helen R. Fister


Poor Tom McMillen! Not only does he lack the experience -- the joys and responsibilities of raising a family -- while representing a "family-oriented" county, but now wediscover that he is also afflicted with "foot-in-mouth" disease!

According to a news story in The Sun on Sept. 24, in the discussion regarding congressional redistricting, "Mr. McMillen wondered how muchlonger a woman of Mrs. Bentley's age will remain in Congress. She turns 68 in November."

Our current representative has now succeeded in offending the majority of his constituents -- the women and the senior citizens. Voter registration shows that there are over 96,000 women voters registered in Anne Arundel, and only 86,000 men; furthermore, 70,000 county voters are over age 50, and 30,000 of these are over age 64.

Obviously, the congressman has lost touch with his constituency -- an astute politician would never disparage either the seniors or the women!

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