Expansion Has 16,000 More Homes Recycling

New Routes Help Cover 40 Percent Of Households

October 06, 1991|By Staff report

Apart from lots of questions from recycling novices, last week's expansion of the county curbside recycling program went off without a hitch, said Linda Fields, the county's recycling manager.

The program added 16,000 new homes and three new pick-up routes.

"We've been getting lots of calls -- what day do they put their compost leaves and grass out," Fields said. "It's all in the brochures, but people like to call in and get all that information."

One woman from the Clemens Crossing neighborhood in Columbia called to say she was upset that recycling hasn't come to her street yet.

"She said "It's not fair; my neighbor moved and she not only got a new house, she got recycling too," Fields said.

The expansion, which beganOct. 1, increases recycling in thecounty from 12,000 homes to 28,000, representing 40 percent of all county households. Browning Ferris Industries was awarded two of the contracts for the new routes, totaling $710,000. The third route, which is served by Eastern Waste Industries, was expanded by 800 new homes.

The Maple Trail, the most comprehensive route, includes nearly all of the homes in the village of Oakland Mills and about half the residences in Long Reach. The route also serves two apartment complexes and a retirement community. Pick-up service will include leaves and grass clippings for composting, aswell as recyclable containers.

The Poplar Trail serves homes covering western Howard county, including part of Ellicott City.

The third component of the expansion adds 800 homes to an existing route on the east side of U.S. 29.

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