Shopping For New League? Head For The Supermarket


October 06, 1991|By Donald G. Vitek

There's mixed leagues and men's leagues, ladies' leagues, youth leagues, seniors' leagues, large leagues and small leagues.

There are many different kinds of leagues, but Hampstead Bowling Center may have a new league that's unique.

"Our new Ladies Supermarket League started Wednesday, Sept. 25," said Ginny Blackowicz, marketing director for Hampstead Lanes. "We have seven teams now and we hope to have eight."

The supermarkets that currently have teams in the league are SuperThrift of Manchester, Miller's Food Market Inc. of Manchester and Weis Market of Hampstead.

It's a triples league with handicap, and each team will consist of a store employee and preferred customers. There must be at least one store employee on each team.

The league bowls at 9:30 p.m. each Wednesday and, yes, Blackowicz says she'll find room for more bowlersif needed.

At the end of the season, Hampstead Bowling Center will present a trophy or a plaque to the winning supermarket team that can be displayed in the store. Cost is approximately $8 per week per bowler.


If any of the youngsters in the Hampstead area haven'tsigned up for the Saturday Youth Leagues, Blackowicz says she'll find a place for them, too. Already, more than 100 youngsters bowl duckpins in two shifts at the center.


As every tenpin bowlers knows, the new three units of oil system is in place in every center in Carroll County. How has it affected the average bowler?

"My averagehas actually improved over last year's," said J. B. Wisner of Hampstead Bowling Center. "Last year, I averaged a 170, and this year, it'sup to 185. I'm playing a tighter shot, but I haven't had to move my spot on the approach.

"I'm using the same bowling balls, either a Ebonite Nitro or Turbo, and moved my target about five boards, from the fifth to the 10th board. So far, I like the new system."

Ken Frock of County Lanes likes the new system of bowling, too.

"I'm between a cranker and a down-and-in bowler," Frock said, "so I'm just shooting a little tighter line, about the seven or eight board. I'm still using the same bowling ball, a 16-pound Brunswick Phantom, and theresults have been good."

Frock and Chuck Ludwig, the County Lanesproprietor, decided that with the new system of three units of oil, they would strip the lanes more frequently to cut back on the carry-down of oil.

"It's working out real well," Frock said. "With the lanes being stripped every other day, the back end is relatively dry and clean and the ball snaps. Some bowlers have told me that their ballseems to be breaking more this year than last year under the old conditions."

If anyone has any comments on the new system, drop me a line at The Carroll County Sun; I'd like to hear what you have to say.


The new season has just started, and already a couple of Carroll County duckpin bowlers have gotten themselves into big


Claude Sier and Brett Welsh picked the wrong spot to throw a 200 game -- the wrong spot being very early in the season. You know what this does to the ol' handicap? You got it, blows it up.

"My average is going to take a long time coming down to my last years' average (of) 130," Welsh said. "A 200 game is a great, but early in the season it can hurt."

Welsh lives in Taneytown and was bowling at Thunderhead Lanes in Westminster when he threw his 201 game, beating hisold career high game of 197.

A cable installer for J. M. Renehan Inc., Welsh started out with a 114 game, threw a second game of 163 and then the 201 game. That gave him a nice 478 set, but still below his high series of 499.

Welsh, Bowler of the Year for 1991 at Thunderhead Westminster, is still looking forward to higher scores.

Claude Sier, the jack-of-all-trades at Mount Airy Lanes, picked the first night of the Major Men's League to throw his 201 game. Sier, a Mount Airy resident, has been working at the bowling center center for seven of his 22 years and last season carried a 125 average.

Sier was a member of the Mount Airy Major Youth championship team in 1990 and has a high series of 488.

"This 200 game wasn't easy," Sier said. "It was in doubt right down to the last frame."

Sier did it the hard way, with a mark in every frame but only one double-header and atotal of four strikes. In the last frame, Sier had an eight with hisfirst ball, then picked up the spare but still needed seven pins with his final ball for 200.

Like a champ, Sier came through with an eight count for the 201 game.

The duckpin game is a lot of fun, folks.

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