'A Tour Named Jackie' gets up close

October 06, 1991|By Knight-Ridder News Service

NEW YORK -- In a city where tour guides will take you to the heights of gleaming skyscrapers or the depths of Mafia hit sites, a visit to Fifth Avenue seems almost tedious.

Except it's where Jackie O lives.

"A Tour Named Jackie" will take you to the corner of East 85th Street, where Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis makes her home in a 15-room apartment on the 15th floor.

"Some mornings, Jackie can be seen jogging around the Central Park reservoir," says Pat Hughes, the tour guide on a crisp Sunday afternoon, as the tourists stare up at Jackie's $5 million apartment.

Ms. Hughes adds that on some mornings, passers-by might catch a glimpse of Maurice Templesman, a diamond merchant who has been Jackie's companion for 10 years.

Tourists get a voyeur's view of Jackie's haunts on the Upper East Side -- the places where she lives, prays, shops and looked the other way while her husband was busy with affairs -- of state, of course.

At each site, a guide offers the gossipy details about the woman who continues to fascinate Americans nearly 30 years after her husband's assassination.

"It's different to read about something than to stand on the actual site where it happened," says Sam Stafford, president of Sidewalks of New York. His company created the tour two years ago after the publication of "A Woman Named Jackie."

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