Guard hurt in city jail fracas

October 05, 1991|By Brian Sullam ZpB

A corrections officer was slightly injured during what was described as a minor disturbance at the Baltimore City Detention Center yesterday morning, according to state corrections officials.

Daniel Clements, a corrections officer, was injured by flying glass when about dozen inmates on the third floor of the jail annex began throwing objects during a routine shakedown -- in which jail officials were looking for weapons and contraband, said Barbara Cooper, a spokeswoman for the Maryland Division of Pretrial Detention and Services.

The inmates were protesting the timing of the shakedown, which had begun at 7 a.m. and was extending into the jail's normal visiting hours.

During shakedowns, visitors are not allowed in the Detention Center, which was known as the Baltimore City Jail until the state took it over this summer.

Mr. Clements was sitting in the guard station, when an object was thrown through the window. Corrections officials said yesterday evening that they were not certain what object broke the glass. Jail officials said only a minority of the 64 inmates on the third floor participated in the fighting.

Twelve inmates were placed in segregation.

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