Meaningless games are tough on Oates

Orioles notebook

October 04, 1991|By Jim Henneman | Jim Henneman,Evening Sun Staff

When it was finally over, John Oates said it best.

"I hate games like this at this time of the year," the Orioles manager said. The Orioles had just lost their third straight to the New York Yankees, 9-6, and it was a game that got out of hand before the hot dogs were warm.

"When you're playing games that mean something, it's fun, it's exciting," said Oates. "When the games don't mean anything, the intensity just isn't there. Teams seem to just take what happens."

In the next three days the games won't mean anything in the standings -- but the capacity crowds for the farewell to Memorial Stadium should elevate the intensity level on the field.

* PREDICTABLE REACTION: For the most part, the Orioles reacted about as expected upon learning the name of the new downtown stadium -- with general indifference.

Some looked on the new name -- "Oriole Park at Camden Yards" -- as a copout, or at the very least an expected compromise.

Outfielder Brady Anderson and Oates had the best lines. Anderson suggested the new park should have been called "Babe Ruth's Oriole Park at Camden Yards -- Where Cal Ripken Plays."

* VP DUE SUNDAY: The Orioles have added another name to their guest list for Sunday's final game at Memorial Stadium. Vice President Dan Quayle, who was on hand for the opening game this year, will be in attendance.

* ATTENDANCE RECORD POSSIBLE: If the Orioles are able to play all three games this weekend they will set an all-time attendance record. A total of 129,825 is needed to break the record of 2,535,208, set in 1989.

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