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October 04, 1991|By Peter Baker


Salt water OCEAN

Inshore **** Surf fishing has been very good at Assateague and ))

North Ocean City, with bluefish, kingfish, spot, small sea trout, flounder and puppy drum the most frequent catches. At the Ocean City inlet and the Route 50 bridge, flounder and scattered numbers of small bluefish have been active.

Offshore *** The canyons have been turning up long fin and yellowfin tuna, as well as dolphin. Billfish catches are off somewhat. Headboats have been taking sea bass from the wrecks. From the first to third lumps, mackerel are taking trolled spoons. False albacore also are hitting trolled baits. Sea trout are active on squid strips between Little Gull Shoals and the beach.

CHESAPEAKE BAY Lower bay **** Flounder have been hitting well on cut spot o flounder belly strips near dropoffs in 8 to 15 feet of water in Tangier Sound, Cornfield harbor and near Hooper Island Light. The Middle Grounds, Point No Point, Holland Straits, the mouth of the Potomac, the Target Ship, Cedar Point and Tangier Sound are hot for bluefishing, whether casting, trolling, chumming or bottom fishing. Sea trout fishing is good with peeler crab near Hoopers Island Light, Kedge's Straits, Pocomoke Sound, the Mud Leads and Tangier Sound. Bottom fishing with peeler crab works well. Large spot and increasing numbers of legal sized croaker have been taking bloodworms in Tangier Sound, Cornfield Harbor, Mud Leads and Honga River. Black sea bass, porgy, tautog and puppy drum have been squid fished on the bottom near rock piles and oysters bars throughout the area.

Middle bay **** Bluefish range throughout the area and havbeen taking trolled hoses. Good locations for blues have been Parkers Creek, The Gooses, Bloody Point, Thomas Point and Hacketts Point. Drifted minnows or strips of squid have been working very well on flounder near Brickhouse Bar, the Gooses, Gum Thicketts, Drum Point and the mouth of the Choptank River. Spot fishing continues to be good over hard or oyster bottom. Sea trout fishing has been sporadic at the mouth of the Choptank River.

Upper bay **** Bluefish action is very good on fish from 2 to pounds. Trolled hoses and spoons have worked well for bluefish from 1 to 6 pounds in the Love Point area, the Dumping Grounds, Fort Smallwood and Fort Armisted. Larger fish are taking trolled hoses. Other good locations are Hart-Miller Island, Key Bridge and the mouth of the Magothy. Bottom fishing with cut spot also has been good for blues. White perch are moving into the creek mouths and can be taken near underwater obstructions on grass shrimp. Spot fishing has been good in the mouths of the Patapsco, Magothy and Chester rivers. Catfishing has been good at Still Pond, the Elk River and the lower Susquehanna.

POTOMAC RIVER Upper tidal *** Cooler weather is producing improved bass fishing. Buzzbaits and spinnerbaits are producing well for largemouth bass near the grass beds early and late in the day. Also some good fishing early on top-water lures and later with artificial worms fished in grass beds. Catfish are on the channel edges.

OTHER RIVERS Patapsco **** White perch are along the shorelines where there are obstructions and have been hitting bloodworms. Blues have been very active when the tide is running. In the deeper holes, cut bait will turn up large catfish. Spot over hard bottoms on bloodworms.

Choptank **** At the fishing pier in Cambridge, perch, catfish and spot with an occasional blue. Blues, puppy drum, sea bass, flounder and spot in the river mouth. Spinnerbaits and buzzbaits cast to the edges of spatterdock will turn up bass up toward Greensboro and Denton. Watts Creek and the Martinak State Park area have been very good with spinnerbaits or dark plastic worms.

Patuxent *** Trolling small spoons will turn up bluefish into the river. Puppy drum in the area will fall for cut baits fished on the bottom. Plenty of spot. Sea trout catches variable at night on peeler.

Magothy *** Spot fishing is good at the river mouth over oyster bottom. Blues have been running in the river mouth. Check the creek mouths for white perch on grass shrimp.

Susquehanna *** White perch are in the river along the obstructed shoreline. Smallmouth bass have been taking buzzbaits and spinnerbaits, as well as live minnows fished along the grass beds. Largemouths are in transition. Wood patterns are beginning to work well. Stripers are starting to move as the water cools and, if caught, should be handled with care and released. Catfish on clam snouts and chicken livers.

Chester River *** Lots of bluefish activity off the river mouth, especially near the fishing reefs. Spot over hard bottoms. White perch with grass shrimp or bloodworms; catfish on cut bait.

Freshwater lakes and rivers Deep Creek Lake *** Pickerel, smallmouth bass and yellow perch are active in 6 to 12 feet of water. Smallmouth bass are hitting minnows. Drifted nightcrawlers will take yellow perch and the pickerel seem partial to large minnows.

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