Eagles reject Stoudt, Dilweg, Snyder

October 04, 1991

The Philadelphia Eagles have auditioned and rejected three candidates for third-string quarterback.

Coaches looked at Cliff Stoudt, Anthony Dilweg and Brent Snyder, but the Eagles didn't sign any of them.

Coach Rich Kotite said he hasn't decided who would start Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- Pat Ryan, 36, who faltered against the Washington Redskins, or rookie Brad Goebel, 24.

If a third quarterback isn't signed today, Kotite said, punter Jeff Feagles would be his "disaster" quarterback.

"I'd be a disaster all right," said Feagles, who played quarterback in high school in Arizona.

Meanwhile, quarterback Jim McMahon, who strained a ligament in Sunday's loss to Washington , underwent arthroscopic surgery Wednesday "to flush out the knee joint" to help speed his recovery, trainer Otho Davis said.

* GIANTS: Linebacker Steve DeOssie was arrested at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport on Monday for possession of marijuana, but yesterday said his problem is not drugs. He's an alcoholic, and he's asked the club for help.

"I've been drinking since I've been playing [football] in high school," DeOssie, 28, said. "I'd drink anything they put in front of me . . . and lots of it. I built up a tolerance that would kill people. The intensity of my drinking, the frequency of it, has spiraled out of control. It was a slow spiral -- 10-11 years."

The "spiral" could cost DeOssie. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello -- who would not comment specifically on the DeOssie case while the possession charge is pending -- said the NFL's policy for first-time offenders is treatment and counseling. But, he cautioned, if the first strike results in a violation of law, then the player is subject to suspension.

Police at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport arrested DeOssie Monday on charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, said airport spokesman Joe Dealy.

Dealy said officers saw DeOssie smoking a hand-rolled cigarette in an airport parking lot, and when they approached him, they smelled what they believed to be marijuana. Police confiscated a packet of cigarette rolling papers and a plastic bag containing a green, leafy substance, Dealy said.

DeOssie yesterday gave reporters at Giants Stadium a different version of his arrest. He said a metal detector went off when he walked through, and that he was so drunk, when he emptied his pockets, the marijuana fell out.

* DOLPHINS: Coach Don Shula announced there will be four new defensive starters for Sunday's game at New England. All four were 1990 starters who had been sitting on the bench because of injury or holdouts in 1991.

Linebacker Cliff Odom will replace Mike Reichenbach, and linebacker Hugh Green will sub for rookie Bryan Cox (out with an injured knee). Cornerback J.B. Brown (Maryland) has been rewarded his old position, right cornerback. And T.J. Turner will take his nose-tackle job back from Brian Sochia, who was cut Wednesday.

A couple of other changes are notable, as well. Brown didn't knock Vestee Jackson out of a starting slot; Jackson will instead bump over to left cornerback, in front of Michael McGruder. And it certainly hasn't been Reichenbach's week. Reserve safety Mike Iaquaniello is taking over his spot on the right side of the line on punt coverage. Reichenbach allowed the Jets' Chris Burkett to slip past him and block a punt for a touchdown Sunday.

* 49ERS: Joe Montana probably will not play when San Francisco resumes its schedule Oct. 13 against the Falcons. Although Montana threw about 65 passes yesterday, and he may throw again today, coach George Seifert declined to speculate when the quarterback might take part in full-scale practices.

"I don't foresee him practicing right away," Seifert said. "I don't rule him out at some point next week on the practice field. But in my gut, I can't say that's going to happen."

Furthermore, Seifert said, without a full week of practice, Montana could not be expected to play.

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