Jordon whistled for foulMichael Jordan isn't flying very...

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October 04, 1991

Jordon whistled for foul

Michael Jordan isn't flying very high with some of the Chicago media, who are crying foul that the city's basketball hero-in-residence was a no-show at a meeting with President Bush on Tuesday at the Rose Garden.

Some say he should be fined. Others say that if Bush can golf during the Persian Gulf war, why shouldn't Jordan golf through a presidential photo opportunity?

Not that Jordan actually was playing golf. He told reporters yesterday during a team media availability that he was spending much-needed three-day vacation with his family.

"As you know, my schedules have been very hectic. You guys have seen me. I've been every which way, and because I choose to take my private three days somewhere [where] no one can call me, it's my prerogative," Jordan said.

"How can I be disrespecting the president when I choose to spend time with my family," said Jordan, who added that he met Bush when he was vice president.

Still, some Chicago reporters gave him a technical.

The presidential snub was "about the most disturbing, irresponsible and irrational thing Jordan has ever done in public life," wrote Chicago Sun-Times columnist Jay Mariotti.

A headline in yesterday's Chicago Tribune pronounced, "Snub By Jordan Undermines Team."

Nonsense, says Tribune columnist Mike Royko.

The team's meeting with Bush was "strictly political hokum arranged by the president's political propagandists," Royko wrote in yesterday's paper. ". . .It has nothing to do with patriotism, being a good citizen or respect."

The quote

Thanks to ABC's Bo Schembechler for this insight: "Scheduling is very important, depending upon whom you play."

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