Rusko Successor Is Nominated


October 04, 1991|By Pat O'Malley

It looks like the wait for a successor for retiring county coordinator of physical education Paul Rusko will continue for a while, but the Board of Education is getting closer to ending it.

In fact, the nominee is on third base waiting for the green light, waiting for final approval.

A recommendation was made by the Office of Human Resources, whichis headed up by John Makell, and that recommendation has passed through the proper channels to Barry Carter in the superintendent's office.

Carter is pinch-hitting for School Superintendent Larry Lorton,who is recovering from surgery. The superintendent's office is the final stop in the process.

Carter did not return several phone calls to his office yesterday.

Rusko retired at the end of the past school year but was retained on a personal contract to carry out the duties of the coordinator. His contract was to expire Sept. 30, but Makell said, "Paul's still around here in the office."

A committee offive, chaired by Makell, interviewed six candidates and came up withits recommendation, which then went to the office of Cheryl H. Wilhoyte, assistant superintendent for instruction and school administration.

Those on the committee were Ken Nichols, administrative assistant to the assistant superintendent; Shirley Hicks, director of county high schools; Annapolis principal Laura Webb; Old Mill Middle School North principal Richard Shriner; and Southern of Harwood athletic director Tom Albright.

Albright is also head basketball coach of the Bulldogs, so you can say the coaches were represented.

Among those who interviewed for the position, which pays close to $70,000, were Old Mill's veteran athletic director Jim Dillon. Dillon is believedto be the front-runner and is very popular and well-respected, not only in Anne Arundel but throughout the state.

"I haven't heard a word," said Dillon yesterday.

Dillon, who started the Old Mill athletic department from the ground floor in 1975 and built it into one of the top programs in the state, began his career at Andover High as coach and athletic director.

His tenure in county athletics spans nearly 30 years, which is the time that Rusko spent in the system.

Dillon, 52, was one of only two county high school faculty members to apply and the only county athletic director to do so.

Chesapeakegolf coach and Chartwell Country Club president John Irvine was the other county employee. Irvine is a physical education teacher at Chesapeake High and has been in the school system for 25 years.

The other candidates interviewed were Hammond of Howard County athletic director Bob Maxey, who was a former baseball coach at Mount St. Joseph High in the mid-'70s, two unidentified people from Prince George's County and one from Harford County.

It first was speculated that thetop candidates would be interviewed a second time, but that has yet to be done. Dillon, who is believed to be at least a top candidate, said yesterday he has "not been invited back for a second interview."


In other county news, Meade's Amanda Simmons has tied the county record for career goals. Simmons scored four goals in a 6-5 win over North County on Tuesday, giving her 75 career goals and matching the record set by Severna Park's Colleen Corwell from 1983-1985.

Corwell scored 75 goals and had 32 assists in her sensational three-year career at Severna Park. There have been some discrepancies as to how many goals Corwell had, but here is the breakdown: sophomore year,1983 -- 27 goals and seven assists; junior year, 1984 -- 26 goals, 13 assists; and senior year, 1985 -- 22 goals and 12 assists.

Afterchecking my archives, I came up with those numbers and, if you add them up, it's 75 career goals for Corwell.

I've written those numbers many times since Corwell's final year and most notably in the AnneArundel County Sun's All-Decade Team column on girls soccer in January 1990, and no one has ever disputed them.

When 1987 Meade grad Julie McCormick got up in the 60s in goals scored, we wrote about her chasing Corwell's 75-goal record. McCormick finished with 67 career goals, and no one disputed Corwell's total then.

That's why I don'tunderstand now that some are claiming that Corwell scored 77, and the program printed by the Falcons had her scoring 73. According to my year-by-year records, Corwell had 75.

Please, don't change it now when someone is about to break it.

So, if Simmons scores No. 76 today at Arundel High, it's a county career record.


I just couldn't wait for next week's "Q's and A's," because I thought what an Old Mill parent left me on the Sportsline was worth sharing with you now.

Toni Sheppard, who is the mother of Old Mill's outstanding senior back, Eric Sheppard, called with a great analogy of the 4-0 Old Mill football team.

Pointing to the Patriots' 4-0 start as being a case of teamwork, Mrs. Sheppard compared the Old Mill team to a fine stew.

"Old Mill's team is like a good recipe for stew and to have agood recipe for stew, you have to have a lot of different ingredients, and when you put them together you have a winning meal," she said on the 24-Hour Sportsline.

"You may have to add a little more spice to give it that extra flavor or stir it around to blend the right ingredients, but you must have ALL the ingredients to have a great stew."

But now let me give her some advice: Tell those Patriots to becareful when they venture into Broadneck, Annapolis and Glen Burnie in three of the team's final five games.

I've got a funny feeling that one of those three is going to have Old Mill for dessert before this thing is over. It's going to take a blue-ribbon Dinty Moore or Campbell's stew to go undefeated in this league.

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