Watch McCurdy!

October 04, 1991

One of the wild cards in the Democratic presidential sweepstakes is Rep. Dave McCurdy, who at 41 (JFK's age when he ran for the White House) is even younger than Sen. Bob Kerrey or Gov. Bill Clinton. He hasn't made a final decision to go for the nomination. But if he does, he will be the only candidate who voted for President Bush's use of force against Iraq and consistently favored aid to the contras during Nicaragua's civil war.

This automatically makes Mr. McCurdy the most hawkish of the bunch and a Democrat who does not hesitate to describe himself as a moderate conservative. In other words, the very opposite of Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa.

The Oklahoma congressman, a specialist in national security affairs, says he encounters many Americans who say they yearn "for a Democrat they can vote for." He clearly envisages himself as such a Democrat -- if not for president this time, perhaps next time. Or for Veep.

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