Maryland Institute displays works by maintenance staff

October 04, 1991|By Christine Fillat


Thesis Gallery, Fox Building. "The Fine Art of Maintenance." This collection of drawings paintings and sculpture (through Oct. 14) spotlights the work of 11 members of the maintenance staff at the Maryland Institute, artists who have been exhibiting together since 1981. Using wood, wire, paint and Styrofoam, Joe Roberson's intensely colorful "Body Language" is reminiscent of a table with anthropomorphic legs. Two forms at either end of the table have spine and rib shapes. The whole piece, says Roberson, is a relationship, inspired by abstract elements of his family.

Other pieces in the exhibit include Robert Alholm's humorous "Any Port in a Storm" and physical plant director John Ferguson's cast bronze sculpture. Call 225-2300.


805 N. Charles St. "Artist's Furniture"

When Meredith Gallery owner Helaine Frankel describes Andrew Fiscus' wood, metal and leather club chair, she speaks from experience: "I've been sitting in this chair all day. It has the excitement of design and the comfort of function." Design and function are the emphasis of these works by leading art furniture makers, including Polly Cassel's wood and paint screen, a combination of Southwestern and Oriental elements; Jack Alberti's elegant dining room table, which features what Ms. Frankel describes as a "fabulous" wood grain in black and green; and Sally Trout's brushed aluminum chairs, contoured to be comfortable to sit in and fun to look at. Through Oct. 31. Call 837-3575.

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