Famous Detainee Back In Custody

This Time, He's Been Charged -- Withtheft

October 03, 1991|By Kris Antonelli and Elise Armacost | Kris Antonelli and Elise Armacost,Staff writers

Freedom was short-lived for Martin E. Henn, the homeless man who languished in the Baltimore City Detention Center for more than a year without ever being charged.

Just 1 1/2 months after the 54-year-oldHenn's ballyhooed release from the jail, he is back in custody, thistime in the Anne Arundel County Detention Center.

District Judge Martha F. Rasin ordered Henn held on a $5,000 bondyesterday. According to charging documents, Henn threatened to burn down the homes of two police officers.

"But Your Honor, I'm homeless. I don't have $5,000," Henn told Rasin. "I spent all that time in jail, and I deserve a break."

Police say Henn made those threats Sept. 20 while being booked on charges of theft at the Northern District police station.

Henn, who is from northern Anne Arundel County,was arrested on Riverview Road in Brooklyn Park at about 11:30 p.m. Police found him "extremely drunk" and pushing a stolen Toro lawn mower down the street, said Anne Arundel County Police spokesman V. Richard Molloy.

Police had been called to the area by a man who said he fought with Henn while Henn was allegedly trying steal a bicycle.

"He got the bike back from (Henn)," Molloy said. "But then Henn went to another neighbor's yard and took an oar and went after the guy. The guy took the oar from Henn and popped him. Then Henn pulled a knife on him."

The man then called police, Molloy said.

Henn was pushing the lawn mower, which he allegedly stole from another neighbor's yard before police arrived, Molloy said.

"A lady came out of her house while they were questioning him and said, 'What's he doing with my lawn mower?'"

Henn was charged with theft, assault and possession of a deadly weapon.

He denied the charges yesterday.

"I have no recollection," he said. "I was out riding my bike and I had been drinking. I don't know why the police officer stopped me and gave me a hard time."

Henn said he had an argument with a young boy earlier in the evening about a boat.

"You can't steal a boat with a bicycle," he said.

He said he works as a cleaner for area businesses.

Henn was freed in August from Baltimore City Detention Center after state prison officials learned he had been locked up there for more than a year without ever being formally charged or assigned a trial date. He had been imprisoned since his arrest on July 16, 1990, for allegedly setting fire to a car in South Baltimore.

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