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October 03, 1991

Stop the flow of U.S. aid to Israel

A.M. Rosenthal should be acknowledged for communicating concisely the position of Yitzhak Shamir and his gang of right-wing zealots (Sept. 26). Rosenthal tells us that "Israel is not for sale."

Now, here is a message for Rosenthal, the pushy pro-Israeli lobby, its fellow travelers in Congress and those arrogant Likud nuts in Tel Aviv: "America is not for sale." This includes our national treasury and our democratic values as a people.

For too long, the Zionist crowd has looked down upon American taxpayers as a bunch of dumb goyim to be manipulated by its propaganda machine. Since 1948, an ungrateful Israel has drained our pockets of over $50 billion.

In fiscal 1992, it will receive over $5 billion in outright grants. Not satisfied, it now wants $10 billion in housing loan guarantees. It is bad enough that Israel is taking tax dollars desperately needed in this country. But the fact that the money is used to push the Palestinian people off their own land makes it a truly insufferable, illegal and immoral proposition.

Rosenthal criticizes President Bush for an "obsession with Jews in the West Bank." If anybody has been "obsessed," it has been the Israeli leadership and many of its supporters in the United States.

Nathum Goldmann, one of Israel's early pioneers and patriots, warned that "the day is coming when the American people will get sick and tired of being pushed around by Israel and its lobby." That "day," A.M. Rosenthal, is now!

William Hughes


Brother Israel

As an American enduring a recession, I love giving my hard-earned dollars overseas to Israel. I will sacrifice my family and job here in the United States so Israel can expand into Palestinian territory. I'll also ignore the fact that Israel has already soaked up $50 billion of American aid.

Israel is like a brother-in-law to the United States, always demanding money and never returning it. Should we demand that Israel pay its debt? Or just not send any more? As an American citizen, I'd much rather feed my family than watch Israelis on the evening news trying to enforce their new expansionist policy by slaughtering Palestinian protesters.

Neil B. Moores


Who's the victor?

Isn't it about time someone told Saddam Hussein that he lost the war? Or did he?

Don Mowrey


Abortion of justice

Your editorial polemic of Sept. 13, against Clarence Thomas' posture on the abortion question, clearly reflects the thinking of the liberal left on the judicial approach to questions before a court.

You say it is "palpable nonsense" that a judicial candidate will not state his personal position on the right to abortion, that his personal opinion will surely determine how he will rule on overturning Roe vs. Wade.

This kind of thinking results in "the-end-justifies-the-means" legislation by the judiciary that gave us the finding in Roe. Thus began a series of findings by the Warren court which depended not on "stare decisis" and constitutional law, but on the personal opinions of certain judges on attaining certain social ends. This occurred in the absence of legislative guts in the Congress.

The legal issue is not abortion. The legal issue is five out of nine old men imposing their will on this country through decisions that have no legal legs on which to stand. That is the liberal left's fear in a rehearing of Roe vs. Wade; it has no legs. It is judicial legislation founded in personal opinion, which you seem to believe is the way to go. In reality, the judicial process has become the method of choice for achieving the ends desired by every special interest group in this country. That is the real abortion.

Manley F. Gately


Negative reporting

Your newspaper's characterization of Hereford High School as a "sick" school is but another example of your continued negative reporting on issues relating to education.

Granted, the decision to renovate the school with the students inside was ill-conceived from the outset. Budgetary constraints and alterations in the construction schedule have, in fact, created problems beyond those originally anticipated.

However, contrary to the tone of your article, the vast majority of students, teachers and administrators have been coping magnificently.

Hereford High School, despite being recognized as one of the top three high schools in Baltimore County academically, has long had a poor reputation among some elements of northern Baltimore County an area with deep roots in the private schools located just to the south. The Evening Sun, with its never-ending quest for sensationalism, has done a great disservice to Hereford High School. Next time, seek out all sides of the story.

Dennis Sirman

The writer is chairman of health, boys physical education and athletics at Hereford High School.

Appalling question

You posed a question as part of the editorial "Good questions" on Sept. 12: "Would you, Judge Thomas, compel me to have a baby that I did not wish to bear?"

I am appalled at the suggestion inherent in this question. To be pregnant implies that one has had sex at least once. To be pregnant, to this editorialist, demands no more responsibility for that action other than wishing the baby to go away.

`Barbara M. Hergenrother


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