Cellmate says Teets described killing of guard

October 03, 1991|By Sheridan Lyons | Sheridan Lyons,Baltimore County Bureau of The Sun

After a night of drinking and drug abuse that inflamed his smoldering anger against women, Harvey Allen Teets Jr. returned to his workplace at a Baltimore County girls school and beat to death school guard Kimberly R. Kenna, a man who shared a jail cell with Mr. Teets testified yesterday.

David Lotridge testified in Baltimore County Circuit Court that Mr. Teets twice admitted to killing Ms. Kenna, 23, once through tears as he sat in their cell at the Baltimore County Detention Center.

Mr. Teets, 28, a former groundskeeper at St. Timothy's School for girls, a private high school on Greenspring Avenue in Stevenson, is charged with first-degree murder in Ms. Kenna's death in February.

Mr. Lotridge, 24, of the 4500 block of Harcourt Road in Baltimore, testified for the prosecution in exchange for some of the charges against him being dropped.

Mr. Teets said that on the night of Feb. 22 he and a co-worker at the school went to Baltimore, where they drank alcohol and used cocaine, Mr. Lotridge testified. Mr. Teets described driving home to Manchester, where he used more cocaine and had a couple of drinks at a bar and drove back to the school, he said.

Mr. Lotridge said Mr. Teets gave this account of Ms. Kenna's death:

"He was expressing he had a lot of anger at females because of his spouse and what she was doing with her little girl to him. He said he left the bar and . . . headed back to St. Timothy's.

"He parked about 75 feet from the guard booth, . . . and he got out of the car and got a club-like substance, uh, subject, uh, club out of the trunk. . . . He said it was a kitchen table leg he sawed down. He presumed to go up to where the guard was at. . . .

"The lady turned -- she was sitting in a swivel chair -- and she turned around and said, 'Junior, what do you want?' and Harvey, he hit her upside the head. He said he hit her 12, 13, 14 times. . . . She was screaming. . . . "

Mr. Teets said he dragged Ms. Kenna from the guard shack, saw her injuries, took off her pants and then, "he realized what was going on" and dumped her body in a nearby pond, Mr. Lotridge testified.

Mr. Lotridge said he had been arrested in May, charged with assault and battery of his ex-girlfriend, and was drunk when taken to District Court, where he assaulted two officers. He got a suspended one-year sentence and was required to undergo alcohol treatment for the assault on his girlfriend, Mr. Lotridge said. He also plea-bargained with the state's attorney's office down to one charge of assaulting a police officer, Mr. Lotridge said.

Also testifying for the prosecution yesterday was Michael V. Marinaro, a forensic chemist in the state police crime lab. His tests of enzymes in bloodstains on Mr. Teets' boots limited the source of the blood to only 1.35 percent of the population, including the victim -- but excluding Mr. Teets.

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