'Madonna Revealed' is only the first biography

October 03, 1991|By New York Daily News

NEW YORK -- Madonna routinely ate out of garbage cans while she clawed for a show-business break in her early New York days.

Madonna was unhappily seeing a shrink just weeks after her 1985 marriage to wild-man actor Sean Penn.

Madonna went on an out-of-control drunk earlier this year after a fortune teller told her she would never have children.

Madonna was once dumped by an artist boyfriend who complained she wasn't sexually "inventive" enough.

Madonna used to dream of being a nun, but she always insisted on wearing pants to church anyway.

Driving Miss Madonna on her dizzying ride through megastardom has been nothing but one torment after another, says a flashy new unauthorized biography -- leaked to the Daily News a week before it's scheduled to hit bookstores.

"Madonna Revealed," by Douglas Thompson, who says he succeeded in getting many of the star's intimates over the years -- including a frank Sean Penn -- to talk to him and bare her secrets, is just the first of an unauthorized-bio blitz. Thompson's book was rushed into print to beat a forthcoming second. A third is in the works.

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