Burton still casting new 'Batman,' but studio says Pee-wee isn't in it

October 03, 1991|By Los Angeles Times

Director Tim Burton is well under way on Warner Bros.' "Batman Returns" with stars Michael Keaton, Michelle Pfeiffer and Danny DeVito in the most prominent roles. But, even though shooting began four weeks ago on Warner's Burbank, Calif., lot, the director appears still to be casting some lesser parts.

New "Designing Woman" Jan Hooks and three other actors were recently added to the "Batman" cast.

But there is another name that keeps popping up as a possible: Pee-wee Herman as The Riddler?

That has been the buzz in Hollywood at least since gossip Janet Charleton put the word on the street.

Here is the word from Burbank: Great idea -- too bad it's not true.

A source close to the movie said that not only isn't Herman in it, but The Riddler character isn't either.

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