Oct. 4, 1941):* A small monoplane crashed in Cooksville...


October 02, 1991|By Diane Mullaly

50 YEARS AGO (WEEK OF SEPT. 28 — Oct. 4, 1941):

* A small monoplane crashed in Cooksville this week on William Robb's farm.

The plane had run out of fuel, and the pilot appeared to be attempting an emergency landing in an open pasture when the plane crashed about 200 yards from Route 40.

The two occupants of the plane, both residents of New York, were critically injured in the crash.

* The Milady's Mirror Beauty Shop opened this week in the Dr. L. L. Brown building on West Main Street in Ellicott City.

The shop was operated by Eleanor Brewer and Alice E. Morsberger.

25 Years Ago (weekof Sept. 25 -- Oct. 1, 1966):

* The county commissioners turned down a bid for apartment zoning on a 38-acre tract in Elkridge.

Thepetitioner, Allan L. Berman of Baltimore, had requested zoning for garden apartments on the southeast side of Old Washington Road and Augustine Avenue.

The property at the time was zoned for one- and two-family detached dwellings on quarter-acre lots.

The commissionersturned down the petition because they "(did) not find any evidence of change in the neighborhood such as would compel or even justify this rezoning."

* Ford Motor Co. was in the process of constructing a$1.5 million facility near Jessup to service and store new automobiles brought into the area for Baltimore/Washington area Ford dealerships.

More than 20 area dealers had requested storage space at the facility, which would provide "prepping" service for new cars and eliminate the need for individual dealers to maintain their own storage space.

Construction of the facility was scheduled to be completed by October 1.

Information for this column was compiled from the Howard County Historical Society's Library.

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