Parents seek details in son's death Teen-ager was killed by police gunfire.

October 02, 1991|By Alisa Samuels | Alisa Samuels,Evening Sun Staff

Three days after their son was buried, emotionally torn Hubert and Yvonne Martin are still striving to learn the details of why their son was killed by a Baltimore County police officer.

"I used to say I can't imagine what that mother is going through" after losing a child to violence, Yvonne Martin told more than 100 people who gathered at Rising Sun First Baptist Church last night. "I know it now."

Early Sept. 23, Sadiq A. "Deek"" Martin, 19, of the 2900 block of Silver Hill Ave., was killed by Officer Timothy T. Mitchem. Mitchem said Martin tried to run over him after Martin and two other young men were spotted allegedly stealing stereo equipment from a car on the Woodlawn High School parking lot.

Police said Martin disobeyed a police order to stop. Police said the Dodge Raider that Martin was driving headed for Mitchem, who, fearing for his life, fired six times. One bullet struck Martin.

But the Martins don't believe the police. They are upset that deadly force was used. They have asked for an investigation and have retained William Murphy as their lawyer. The FBI is also investigating.

"We aren't looking for monetary gain, we're looking for justice," Yvonne Martin said.

Two Woodlawn High students said police shot at Sadiq Martin as he tried to flee from gunfire.

Likewise, the mother of Theron Hill, 20, of Woodlawn, who was in the Raider with Martin and a 17-year-old, said the trio were leaving the parking lot when police saw them. Theron Hill has been charged with stealing accessories from a car.

She said a police car pulled up to the Raider, and an officer jumped out and pointed a gun at the window, because, she said, three black males were in the Raider. Hill said Martin was probably frightened and fled. She said police fired immediately.

Hubert Martin said he hasn't reconciled in his heart what happened to his son, who was considering entering community college in the spring.

"Probably the most difficult time of my life was seeing my son lying there" in a St. Agnes Hospital room dead, he said.

Martin said she and her husband, who both hold master's degrees, reared their four children to do right. They urged parents to fight for the survival of black men, who they said are endangered by violence.

More important, they said, they want police to be responsible for their actions.

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