Cruise ship job is no free ride

Joyce Lain Kennedy

October 02, 1991|By Joyce Lain Kennedy

Dear Joyce: I would like to make a career on a cruise ship, perhaps as a cruise director. But what does a purser do and how do you get hired? -- R.S.G.

In cruise jobs, you may be busy as the dickens aboard ship during the cold months, November through April, and unpaid and unemployed on land the remainder of the year.

Cruise ship pursers handle money, do crew personnel workensure compliance with regulations in each port and staff a "hotel front desk" for passengers. Cruise directors stage all entertainment. Neither job leads to big savings accounts -- at the top it's about $30,000 to $45,000, with most action on the low side of the range.

You don't walk in off the street for these glamour jobs; the career path usually is round-about. If you don't find all this discouraging, a 40-page booklet, "Guide to Cruise Ship Jobs 1991," is available for $5.95 from Pilot Books, 103 Cooper St., Babylon, N.Y. 11702.

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