Sports guys share Memorial memories


October 02, 1991|By Steve McKerrow

On and off the air:

* Boy, if you had to pick five people to reminisce about some "Magic Moments at Memorial Stadium" -- the title of a WMAR-Channel 2 sports special tonight -- could you do better than former Orioles Brooks Robinson and Jim Palmer and former Colts Lenny Moore, Johnny Unitas and Artie Donovan?

These guys made many of the best memories at the old stadium, to be left empty after the current baseball season concludes.

Oh, you'd want the Ripkens, too, of course. And they and the others are among the announced participants in the special, airing at 8 o'clock tonight and repeating at noon on Sunday (in advance of Channel 2's broadcast of the Orioles' final home game at the 33rd Street ballpark).

Channel 2 sports guys Scott Garceau, Keith Mills and Jack Dawson are hosts of the look back.

* In another local production tonight, bouncing babies from some Baltimore homes are included in Maryland Public Television's "Baby Phases Quiz," airing at 8 o'clock.

Steve Aveson, Joyce Scott and Kay Lawal host the hour in which pediatrician Dr. Ray Coleman addresses 15 common questions about child-rearing, "the questions parents ask most."

The show is in a quiz format that includes footage of local children selected from home videos sent in earlier by local viewers. (The MPT production is also scheduled to repeat on Oct. 29 as a companion to the PBS special "The National Parent Quiz.")

* Here's a surprising development. Rock star Sting turns 40. And participating cable systems tonight are offering a pay-per-view live telecast of his birthday concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

The concert begins at 11 p.m. (check local carrier for details) and is the final performance of the 1991 "Soul Cages" tour by the former lead singer for The Police.

* Hmmmm. What to make of an NBC press release about an upcoming edition of "Real Life With Jane Pauley"?

Talk about mixed media. It announces that on Nov. 1 Candice Bergen, who stars as fictional TV newscaster "Murphy Brown" on CBS, will be the sole guest.

Is there a trend here in which TV people talk only to each other or fictional counterparts of themselves? Recall that Pauley launched her show this season by interviewing Oprah Winfrey.

And is a quid pro quo part of this deal? Will Pauley get one of those frequent cameos on "Murphy Brown"?

And finally, a question that evokes the old politicians' plea to at least get the name right: Why can't NBC spell Bergen's name correctly?

In a three-paragraph release they get it wrong four times. Three times it's "Candace" and once it includes the last name "Bergan."

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