These days, slips are meant to show

October 02, 1991|By N.Y. Times

For generations of women, "It's snowing in the South!" meant their slips were showing. Now, with lingerie style running rampant, there is no need to be embarrassed. It's a look. Some designers are even building errant slips into their dresses.

For a series of sexy cocktail numbers in his resort collection, Davis Church, a young designer, installed strips of satin behind and above the bodice and an extra pair of straps. When the regular straps fall off the shoulder a bit (they're designed to do so), one gets a peek of satiny slip.

Indeed, many women shop vintage clothing stores looking for those old Hollywood-style satin slips, in luscious colors like peach, to wear out at night as dresses.

None of this should be a surprise in a world where women run in their jogging bras, bathing suits have garter-belt straps and athletic shorts are trimmed in lace. Fashion is being shaken to its foundations.

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