Horovitz wins Zoo Zoom per instructions


October 01, 1991|By Michael Reeb

Gillian Horovitz had incentive to win Sunday's Zoo Zoom 5-miler at Druid Hill Park.

"My husband told me, 'Try to do your best. It'll be good for the play,' " Horovitz said about the instructions she got from her husband, Israel, whose "Park Your Car in Harvard Yard" opens tonight at the Morris A. Mechanic Theatre. "So when I was in second place with about a mile to go, I thought I better get going."

That Horovitz did, taking the lead and beating second-place finisher Marge Rosasco by 59 seconds.

But if it hadn't have been for Rosasco, Horovitz might not have been running in the Zoo Zoom at all. She called to enter Saturday and was told that race entries had been closed. When she said that she was from out of town and a friend of Rosasco, the Baltimore Road Runners Club waived the entry restriction.

Not that she needs the running endorsements of either her husband, who also ran the Zoo Zoom, or Rosasco. In 1984, Gillian qualified for the Olympic marathon trials in her native England, something she hopes to do again next year.

Running has been an integral part of the lives of Gillian and Israel, who met on the run and were married in 1981.

"We met at a race in Boston," Gillian, 36, said. "We had a mutual friend who thought we could get along so he introduced us. I was living in England at the time. I used to come over to run races."

In the past four months, she has split her time between New York City, where the couple live with their two children, and Massachusetts. Now, Baltimore enters the equation.

"My husband might be down here for a bit longer this time," Horovitz said Sunday. "He'll be based here for the next month. And then I'll come down with the children for the weekends.

fTC "We spend the summers in Gloucester, Mass.," Gillian, who won the Zoo Zoom in 28 minutes, 5 seconds, said. "I run all the Massachusetts races. The New York Road Runners Club is great. I usually run all their races when I'm in town."

In the male division of the Zoo Zoom, Brad Uhlfelder, who is training for the Chicago Marathon 5K, won in 24:49.

"This is my first coming-out race from the training closet," said Uhlfelder, who beat Michael Sterling to the finish by 27 seconds. "I'm back to the track this month. I'm looking to sharpen that big summer buildup."

8, The top runners among the 950 finishers:

Males: 1. Brad Uhlfelder, 30, 24:49; 2. Michael Sterling, 30, 25:16; 3. William Desmond, 40, 25:18; 4. Douglas Moyer, 32, 25:44; 5. Mark Rosasco, 32, 26:07; 6. Neville Anderson, 29, 26:15; 7. Michael Stevens, 29, 26:16; 8. Scott Paris, 30, 26:30; 9. Mark Bogardy, 33, 26:37; 10. Maurice Pointer, 36, 26:43. Masters: 1. Desmond.

Females: 1. Gillian Horovitz, 36, 28:06; 2. Marge Rosasco, 42, 29:05; 3. Maureen Hall, 26, 29:10; 4. Marianne Jensen, 29, 29:29; 5. Barb Willig, 28, 30:33; 6. Jenny Caple, 26, 30:52; 7. Joy Glass, 37, 30:53; 8. Yolanda Washington, 32, 31:45; 9. Edie Tress, 41, 31:52; 10. Donna Lewis, 36, 32:10. Masters: 1. Rosasco.

*NOTES: New on the schedule -- Ciccarone Ticker 10K, in memory of Johns Hopkins lacrosse coach Henry Ciccarone, at Catonsville Community College's 10K cross country course on Nov. 2 and the Tom Krieger Memorial Run 8K at St. Matthews Church on Loch Raven Blvd. on Nov. 9. For information on the 10K, call 882-6103; for information on the 8K, call 592-7205.

Sri Chinmoy 1,300-Mile Race update: As of 7:30 last night, Baltimoreans Ronnie Wong (fourth place) and Bruce Holtman (fifth) had run 977 and 961 miles, respectively. The race ends Friday at noon. . . .The week's top results:


Gas Mask Dash 2-miler

At Edgewood

Males: 1. Mike Sheely, 9:35; 2. Jeff Hinte, 10:22; 3. Daniel Romine, 10:29; 4. Eric Estrada, 10:34; 5. Duane Christy, 10:42; 6. John Sullivan, 10:47; 7. Julius Smoak, 11:06; 8. Troy Lewis, 11:08; 9. Richard Norris, 11:10; 10. Brent Busey, 11:14.

Females: 1. Donna Lewis, 12:21; 2. Angie Parrish, 12:45; 3. Ailene McDevitt, 13:16; 4. Kristin Gavlinski, 14:26; 5. Janice Chason, 14:37; 6. Kim Helmers, 14:45; 7. Paula Branson, 14:48; 8. Tara Moore, 15:01; 9. Shankrea Seay, 15:04; 10. Barbara Peck, 15:18.


RASAC Harmony Half Marathon

At Churchville

Males: 1. Jim Otte, 1:19:13; 2. (tie) Mike Sheely, 1:27:47; Jim O'Keefe, 1:27:47; Jeff Hinte, 1:27:47.

Females: 1. Lydia Johnson, 1:48:46; 2. Betty Lou Tucker, 1:49:34; 3. Wendy Smith, 2:00:07.


WRRC Union Mills 8K

At Union Mills

Males: 1. Dave Lowe, 44, 28:21; 2. Bob McCubbin, 31, 29:35; 3. Skip Fennel, 47, 30:35; 4. Roger Kilgore, 47, 30:54; 5. Frank Schaeffer, 39, 30:57. Masters: 1. Lowe.

Females: 1. Liuda Galinaitis, 34, 40:16.

You don't need a hard hat to know which way the marathon goes: A Swedish iron ore producer and two athletic clubs are trying to put together a marathon that would be run underground, in a mine north of the Arctic Circle.

Although the 26-mile race would be run during the dark Arctic winter, temperatures in the mine would be about 54 degrees.

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