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October 01, 1991

In disagreeing, let's at least stick to facts

Honest people disagree, but who in the world is Georgie Anne Geyer? (Column, Sept. 18).

Eight hundred million dollars [as the amount the U.S. would have to put aside to guarantee $10 billion in loans to Israel]. Is this an out-and-out lie?

"International" law - really!

"Convicted spy Jonathan Pollard" - what a traitor!

I have read at least three letters to the editor alluding to the $10 billion loan guarantee as outright loans to Israel by our government. You know this is absolutely false; yet you continue to print letters referencing this transaction as loans, a substantial difference from guarantees.

Why can't you print letters that at least have facts as the basis for disagreement? Otherwise your prejudice shows. I hate to say but the venom of your writers, including Ms. Geyer, in my opinion reflects a deeper dislike of the Jewish people than a mere disagreement over the appropriateness of loan guarantees.

Mike Lapides


Violent nation

Your article, "Children of violence" (Evening Sun, Sept. 10), was very informing. The nation has underestimated the seriousness of violence. Every 15 seconds a crime is committed in this country. The nation has overlooked its troublemakers, and I hope we do something about it. Otherwise, the strongest nation the world will end up destroying itself.

Zach Fischer

Bel Air

Why so much?

I can well understand the need for an increase in the daily papers as noted in the Sept. 23 Evening Sun.

But why a 43 percent increase?

Are you trying to recoup the expenses of your new facility in South Baltimore all at once?

A five-cent increase would have been appropriate.

I hope your circulation hasn't dropped so much that the few customers have to pay high rates to cover all the costs.

Joseph A. Dyson


Economic theory

In a Sept. 17 letter, Blanche K. Coda lamented "our incessant demands for handouts in the form of one socialistic program after another."

Well, Blanche Coda, not to worry. There is always an example to remind us that we live in a capitalistic society. You merely have to look at the numerous soup kitchens that dot the Baltimore landscape.

Mark Plogman


Schaefer's barbs

Governor Schaefer participated in a radio talk show recently and continued his bitter tirade against The Baltimore Sun, claiming it prints only negative letters about him and does not feature positive articles ` those which praise and heap kudos on him.

The governor is either scanning the letters section while in a snit, or he needs the services of a skilled optometrist.

A letter in the Sept. 9 Forum by Robert Hoover, for example, praised Mr. Schaefer and urged the Democrats to nominate him for president or vice president. Well, governor, don't you owe The Evening Sun an apology?

Kelton Carl Ostrander


Vegetarian delight

World Vegetarian Day is Oct. 1, so a few lines about the diets of Americans are in order.

My wife, Donna, and I recently adopted low-fat, pure vegetarian diets after nearly 40 years of eating animals. We now feel and look better than ever before. We lost the unwanted pounds naturally and effortlessly, high cholesterol and blood pressures dropped to safe levels and common cold symptoms became milder and lasted three days instead of six or seven.

The evidence favoring a plant-based diet is overwhelming. The Surgeon General's office and the National Academy of Sciences recently reviewed the research and arrived at the same conclusion: Diet is, without question, the primary cause of most of our nation's deadliest diseases, including heart disease, stroke, cancer, adult onset diabetes and many others. The dietary offenders involved are animal fats and proteins.

Many of us who are concerned about the environment have learned that vegetarianism offers an earth-safe alternative to

meat eating.

Don Robertson


Eve of destruction

In the past 40 years we have done more destruction to the environment than during the whole history of this planet. If our policies remain unchanged, there is no way humans can survive another 40 years. We are going to have more than chaos. We are going to have annihilation.

Human societies all over the Earth have been too ignorant, too careless and too cavalier about the environment.

Sheila Waters


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