A city that bleeds

September 30, 1991|By Leon L. Lerner

When handguns blast on city streets,

and the blood that flows is

youthful blood,

babies, teens and young adults,

some human segment shrivels as it lies

strangely positioned, awkward, still:

another name, routinely spelled, added

to the somber count, the youthful dead

changed suddenly from breathing,


to a listing in a column on a page.

How best to carve an accurate


summarize in paragraphs someone

most recently

out of the womb, come to the family,

gone in a wink, from birth to grave?

city streets, violence is entrenched,

suddenly exploding block to block,

anger unleashed, spewing

poisoned words;

the shooting starts, the

young die young.

People mourn and cities mourn.

In this place are raging, ravaging


infections spilling into bodies, brains,

inflaming minds to hate, to hurt, to kill.

Young blood flows and cities bleed.

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