Storm-water/sediment Bill

In the towns

September 29, 1991

The Aberdeen commissioners have adopted a bill that strengthens the town's control over storm-water management and sediment runoff.

The bill, passed Monday, allows Aberdeen inspectors to check on sediment control measures at construction sites.

Builders will be required to obtain a grading permit or sediment control agreement from the Aberdeen director of public works.

The commissioners also proposed at a meeting Monday a measure creating a Commercial District Management Authority to support business development in Aberdeen.

The measure will be debated at a public hearing during the commissioners' Oct. 14 meeting.

The bill would require membership by all businesses in town, supported by a mandatory $100 annual fee. The authority would be divided into two committees, concentrating on the west end and town center.

The authority would elect its own officers and operate independent of Aberdeen municipal government.


Havre de Grace administrators are asking the city's businesses and residents to help pay for new playgroundequipment at a city park.

The city has purchased $5,600 worth of equipment for the playground, including sliding boards, tunnels and exercise bars. It will be installed at Concord Fields, located on Bloomsbury Avenue, in October or November.

But city administrators areseeking contributions to help offset the expense, Havre de Grace Manager Robert Lange said.

"We've had some positive results," Lange said. "For others, the timing is not right."

The city has received $850 so far, Lange said. The money has been put in the city's generalfund.

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