Man Robs Post Office Of Stamps, Cash

September 29, 1991|By Peter Hermann | Peter Hermann,Staff writer

A man brandishing a snub-nose .38-caliber revolver held up a post office in Odenton Friday morning, getting away with $2,900 in stamps after threatening to kill a postal worker.

Authorities say the man also stole 85 blank money orders and an undetermined amount of cash. No one was injured.

The Postal Inspector's Office in Baltimore has issued a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect.

"This is very unusual," Postal Inspector Michael Vision said. "This is the first robbery we've had in the Baltimore area in the last three or four years."

Vision said another post office was robbed in Takoma Park three weeks ago, and authorities are investigating if there is a connection. "We don't know at this time," he said.

Vision said the man forced his way into the Odenton Post Office on Annapolis Road at 9:35 a.m. by accosting an employee coming out of a back entrance.

Once inside, the man forced nine employees and one customer into a bathroom, then threatened to kill the officer in charge if he did not open the safe, county police said. Vision said the man took 10,000 29-cent stamps from the safe.

The man then walked intoa finance area, emptied two cash drawers and took the blank money orders from two clerks. Vision said the man would need a printer to fill them out before they could be cashed.

Vision said the man escaped through the front door, ran up a hill to a bowling alley and drove off in a dark blue four-door sedan -- possibly a Chrysler -- with a license plate having a white background. Police say he made a right onto Odenton Road and drove toward the train station.

The suspect was described as a black male, 35 years old, 6-feet-tall and 160 pounds. He had short hair, clean-shaven and wore large dark glasses, a lightweight short beige jacket and black batting gloves.

The gun was described as a .38 caliber blue steel revolver with a light-blue grip.

Anyone with information on this crime is urged to call the PostalInspector's Office in Baltimore at 347-4380.

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