Memorial Stadium: Finding Love

September 29, 1991

At age 20, I returned to Baltimore, having served in the U.S. Navy in North Africa in August of 1945. My father, who was a big football fan, obtained tickets to a college game at the stadium on a balmy Saturday afternoon in November of 1945.

He bought tickets for me, a co-worker of his and the co-worker'twin cousins. The twins turned out to be two very pretty girls who had never been to a football game. I sat next to the taller of the two girls and while explaining the intricacies of the game of football, I asked her for a date.

That date led to a steady courtship, and we were married on Feb. 18, 1947. We never went to another football game, and we've never been back to the stadium. Although we have been happily married for 44 years, I often wonder where I would be

today if I hadn't attended that football game.

Walter E. Boyd Jr. Lutherville

It was the end of the fourth inning on Aug. 12, 1987. We were seated a few rows from the field on the third-base side. All of a sudden, the Oriole Bird and the Base Belles came down to our seats. I stood up, rang a bell and told everyone in our section that The Bird had a delivery for Mary Jo. While I handed Mary Jo a box of roses (to propose to her), the cameramen began shooting. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that we were on Diamond Vision.

The crowd went wild. John Lowenstein and Mel Proctor gave a play-by-play to the TV audience and jokingly asked the viewers to call in their votes for whether she will say "yes" or "no."

During the week afterward, we received calls from friends in California, North Carolina, and New York who saw replays of this on TV. Warner Wolf in New York picked us as his "Fans of the Week." We were also seen on "This Week In Baseball."

We are lucky to have a copy of the video as well as pictures that were taken of us as our special memory at Memorial Stadium.

The Orioles couldn't have been nicer in helping make it a place

to remember.

J.T. Mullin Baltimore

I have a memory that is 38 years old.

met my husband at Memorial Stadium in July of 1953, the last year that the International League Orioles played there. My sister and I were at the game, and, as young girls do, we were talking about young men while watching the team warm up before the game.

Then I heard a voice from behind me yelling to watch out for the ball. Instead of looking for the ball, I turned around and saw a policeman looking at me and pointing in the air in front of me.

I turned around and there was a ball heading right for my face. I put my hand up just in time, but it hit and hurt my hand.

That policeman came down to see if I was injured, but he really gave me a hard time, yelling at me and saying, "You women! If you wouldn't talk so much, you would listen once in a while."

Well, my hand was hurting and I was embarrassed to death because all eyes were on me. Then I opened my mouth and said, "Who do you think you are talking to?"

He shut me up real quick by saying, "Don't give me any back talk or I'll run you in!"

Right then I decided to keep quiet. After the incident, I told my sister that if I ever saw him again I was going to tell him a thing or two.

The next night, I saw the same policeman at the game. This time, he came over and asked me how my hand was and apologized for yelling at me. He said he was afraid the ball was going to him me in the face.

Then he asked me if he could make it up to me by taking me out. We went out the next evening and three dates later, he proposed. We married on Nov. 6, 1953.

L I guess this qualifies as a fond memory of Memorial Stadium.

Elizabeth Burkhead Baltimore

I have a very personal memory from Memorial Stadium. A memory that changed my life forever.

In 1971, I met a man who was, and still is, an electrician at the stadium. He amazed me from the very beginning with how much he loved that place.

He can tell you how many light bulbs are in the scoreboards, how many lights each tower consists of, how many outlets there are in the press box, and on and on.

Our dates would always wind up not in some romantic place, but sitting in front of Memorial Stadium.

That is where he asked me to be his wife. And a week later, inside Memorial Stadium, while he was working the ice rink, I received my engagement ring.

Memorial Stadium has been good to our family and we will greatly miss it. My husband, especially, because he still works there every day.

Ann Fisher Baltimore I don't know if this qualifies as an "event at the stadium" to anyone else but me. But I had to tell you how my first trip to the stadium redirected the pattern of my life:

Through July 1, 1989, I was a classic workaholic, unblinkingly laboring seven days a week, each week, to build my graphic design business in the Philadelphia suburbs.

One day a friend said, "You need to just get away. Even for a weekend. Go someplace like Baltimore."

I thought, "Baltimore?" A lifelong baseball fan, I thought, "Hey, maybe the team will be in town. I won't know any of the players, but so what? It's baseball."

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