Dressing The Part

September 29, 1991|By CATHERINE COOK

Tradition tends to rule the dress of the youngest bridal attendants, while brides choose for themselves whatever's most flattering -- classic or styled with a modern flair. Jewel-toned velvets and satins are perennial favorites for attendants in winter weddings, but the drama of an all-white wedding party holds appeal whatever the season.


The graceful portrait collar has been a favorite of brides for centuries. Here it's given a more sophisticated interpretation with a bolder cut, oversized train and striking column-shaped skirt.


The all-white or "snowball" wedding may be a modern notion but the basic elements are often traditional. Here the bride wears a full-skirted gown of Alencon lace and silk shantung and the ring bearer is fitted out in classic velvet breeches.

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