The legacy of Dr. Seuss

September 27, 1991

It will not stop now -- the reading and laughing. The stories of Yertle, the Grinch and the gaffing. The Doctor has left us but, oh, not his wit. Or words that still dance in young minds. Not one bit.

The things he has taught us in hours before bed, will galumph and go bump for ever in our heads. The colors. The snap. The zing and the ring, will always be part of this childhood thing.

But it's not only kids who got snargled in his words. For Moms and Dads, too, the stories were heard. And uncles and cousins alike spread the words. At night after work, when the day seemed so grim. We can all say them now -- the poetry of him.

Fifty years, 50 books. What a legacy to leave -- Green Eggs and Ham and Truffula Trees.

In a world that's gone mad with the chaos of things, our lives are all brighter for all that he brings.

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