'Deceived': Married to her worst fears

September 27, 1991|By Lou Cedrone | Lou Cedrone,Evening Sun Staff

The first scene in "Deceived": It is raining, umbrellas are everywhere, and we know instantly we are in Alfred Hitchcock land.

The time is well spent. Goldie Hawn stars. She is an art restorer who marries a young man, has a child by him and for six years enjoys much happiness.

But little things threaten the marriage. The husband lies. He's supposed to be in Boston but has been seen in New York. Then there is a credit card that belongs to someone else but is in the man's possession.

Meanwhile, there are murders. One takes place shortly after the film begins. The victim is an art expert who has discovered that an Egyptian necklace is really a fake.

Has the husband anything to do with this? This is something his wife wants to know, and as she seeks to solve this mystery, finds herself running for her life.

While "Deceived" is Hitchcockian, there are some things Hitchcock would never have done. He didn't use darting cats or any of the scare devices that are identified with the "Friday the 13" movies.

"Deceived" does, and while they do not belong in a film this classy, one or two actually work.

Hawn, doing her first serious role, is very much the terrified lady. John Heard is the husband, Kate Reid is his mother, and Amy Wright is the young woman who may help Adrienne (Hawn) solve this mystery.

"Deceived" moves at its own measured, steady pace. If you liked Hitchcock, you'll probably like this one. The film opens here today.


** A woman begins to suspect that her husband is not the man she thought he was.

CAST: Goldie Hawn, John Heard, Amy Wright, Kate Reid

DIRECTOR: Damian Harris

RATING: PG-13 (language, violence)

) RUNNING TIME: 110 minutes

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