Cowboys owner backs Baltimore's bid

September 26, 1991|By Dallas Morning NewsDALLAS

DALLAS -- Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Tuesday that he supports Baltimore and St. Louis in their bids to obtain NFL expansion franchises.

He also said that, though he is behind San Antonio's effort to do the same, he doesn't think its chances are good because of its proximity to Dallas and Houston.

Eleven cities submited expansion applications last week. The NFL will expand by two teams, beginning with the 1994 season.

Jones said that tradition moves him to support the St. Louis and Baltimore efforts.

"They've had NFL teams in the past, and I have sentiment in that direction," he said. "I spent some great days watching NFL football in St. Louis."

Both cities lost their teams when the owners moved, citing financial woes due partly to a lack of interest and attendance.

"There's an argument as to whether St. Louis did support it or not, though," Jones said. "They're building a new stadium, which will give a larger venue. They're going to be a real viable city."

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