Lefty's required college readingIn "Confessions of a...

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September 26, 1991

Lefty's required college reading

In "Confessions of a Coach," Norm Sloan's upcoming book on his life in college basketball, he recalled how Tom McMillen, a star player who has become an NCAA reform-minded congressman, ended up playing for Lefty Driesell at Maryland. McMillen, 4th District (D), was set to play for Dean Smith at North Carolina and even gave an unwritten commitment.

If Driesell could not sway the recruit away from North Carolina, why not try the parents?

Sloan said Driesell discovered that North Carolina's play-by-play announcer at the time wrote pornographic books under a pen name. Lefty bought copies of all the books he had written and delivered them to the McMillen family. He asked whether they wanted their son to be going on trips and spending time with such a person.

Hello, Maryland.

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