Finishing the look

September 26, 1991|By Catherine Cook

With a simple switch of accessories, the same pantsuit can take on a variety of looks.

* Add a body-conscious ribbed turtleneck in an offbeat shade for a totally modern look.

* Create an elegant air with a charmeuse shirt and long Chanel chains.

* Emphasize the feminine with a lace-edged tank beneath the jacket.

* Give a sophisticated flair with high-heeled booties or boot pumps.

* Make it casual and comfortable with a pair of loafers.

* Tuck in a lace hanky or bandanna in the breast pocket for a stylish accent.

* Add a note of Parisian hauteur with an oversized stole tossed across your shoulders.

E9 * Inject a note of humor with a beret or newsboy cap.

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