Zoning Study Planned

September 25, 1991

The Board of County Commissioners agreed Monday to proceed with a study to determine how to zone industrial property with environmental impacts in mind.

James C. Threatte, director of the county Office of Economic Development, said the county should consider environmentalimpacts before land is zoned for industrial use.

"From an industrial point of view, it's unnecessary for us to be at odds with environmental groups. We've got to get smarter," he said.

The county will work through its Industrial Development Authority to obtain a matching $20,000 grant from the state for the study, Threatte said.

In the past, investors have lost time and money because they didn't know environmental problems, such as wetlands, existedon certain industrial properties, he said.

If the county put a new zoning plan in place, these kinds of problems could be eliminated, he said.

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