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September 25, 1991

From: Carolyn Huff


The Waverly Woods development planned for the Marriottsville-Woodstock area will have a very damaging effect on the people of the area.

Donald Reuwer ("Waverly Woods is a planned step in right direction," Howard County Sun, Sept. 8) cannot understand the opposition to his project. As a resident of the area targeted, I can give some goodreasons to say no to this development.

The sheer size, in numbersof businesses and housing, will add massive traffic problems to Route 99, Marriottsville Road and Woodstock Road, which are rural roads. Driving will become increasingly maddening and dangerous. The air quality in the area will worsen drastically as a result of this large increase in cars. The effect of smog is already well known in other developed areas -- now our area will suffer this as well.

There will also be a serious disruption of the natural ecology of the area -- streams, woodland and fields. With the loss of many wooded areas, much wildlife will disappear and local greenhouse effect will occur.

The streams that feed into the Patapsco will be polluted, and this willhave an adverse effect on the Patapsco and eventually the bay. In areas that are overdeveloped, environmental degradation always occurs. The residents of this now rural and beautiful (Woodstock-Marriottsville) area will have to suffer these losses.

None of our residents wants to see the loss of our community and natural resources to this Waverly project, for in the long run it will harm people most of all.

We need to do everything possible to fight this development and other such developments in the county. Uncontrolled growth in Howard County is ruining much of the county, and this Waverly project is an example of what will happen in other areas of Howard if this is not stopped.


From: Mary Snipes


The longer I observe life and politics in Howard County the more each year seems like deja vu. Donald Reuwer's rhetoric ("Waverly Woods is aplanned step in right direction," by Donald R. Reuwer Jr., Howard County Sun, Sept. 8) is not unlike Rouse's when trying to persuade Howard County residents and politicians to see his point of view.

Fortunately, not all the residents are as gullible as the politicians. Doany of the B.C. (Before Columbia) residents remember Rouse's promises that the new city of Columbia would be beneficial to and not a burden on the taxpayers of Howard County?

I suggest that his new, glorious beneficial community be placed somewhere on the south side of Route 108, where it really belongs.

Reuwer is promising a great golfcourse in exchange for our countryside. Who cares about his golf course! If you ride through Woodstock or Marriottsville you will see a quiet community with space, woodlands, fields and farm animals. You won't see our residents out swinging golf clubs in the middle of their pastures in anticipation of a new course.

The residents of Woodstock and Marriottsville are not willing to trade the 3-acre peace and quiet for the benefits of overcrowded, crime-ridden city living.

I do hope our elected officials are listening to the overwhelming cry for help from their constituency. Please do not let another Columbia ruin our countryside.


From: Jane Doyle


In response to the letters in the Sept. 8 issue of the Howard County Sun written by Roger D. Hall ("Rational about rezoning") andDonald R. Reuwer Jr. ("Waverly Woods is planned step in right direction"), let me add my opinions.

Mr. Hall, you don't need to apologize for your "emotional" feelings regarding the proposed rezoning of 682 acres in the Waverly Woods project on Route 99 and Marriottsville Road. Of course, you are emotional, as are many hundreds of others like you! We don't want this "profound negative impact" on our lives, which would bring more traffic, congestion, crime and crowded schools.

Mr. Reuwer, as the developer of Waverly Woods, calls this proposal "site plan zoning." That's his fancy name for a conglomeration of town homes, condominiums, employment centers, golf course, swimming pool, tennis courts, etc. -- in short, another Columbia.

The residents surrounding this site don't want this.

We already have three nearby swimming pools, three nearby golf courses and three nearby tennis courts. Reuwer fails to mention that all the commercial developmenthas been along Route 40 andnot into our residential areas as he condemns the architecture, accessibility and attractiveness of these commercial "strip developments," as he calls them, already in place on Route 40. Surrounding homeowners are most happy to keep the commercial areas on Route 40.

He talks about the "campus-like park" of his proposal in the same breath with his "employment centers." The two are not compatible. There is nothing "campus-like" about stores, shops and traffic.

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