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September 25, 1991

From: Bob Schaeffer

President, Anne Arundel County Taxpayers Association

In your Sunday, Sept. 15 issue, your political cartoonist, Rob Snyder, chose to lampoon me for reasons completely unclear. At least myfamily, friends, and associates missed whatever message he was trying to get across.

I don't fully understand why I was portrayed popping out of a tank, saying "Ta-Daaa," unless there's supposed to be some very loose comparison with Boris Yeltsin (who actually only borrowed a tank as a platform to speak from). However, being compared with Yeltsin is probably not all bad these days, at least not so far.(Gosh, I certainly hope my presence in the tank won't be compared with that hilarious image of (Michael) Dukakis bouncing around back in '88.)

Maybe your cartoonist should periodically write explanatory columns for those of us who fail to grasp his sometimes garbled point. In any event, I am mystified as to why I was suddenly dragged out and putup for laughs at this time. It's OK with me, if it helps spread around some welcome smiles, but it must be a slow time for cartoon humor to be dredging me up these days. As for the caption indicating the "tax revolution" is "over," I would point out that double the number ofcounty residents are in the second state of appeal this year as compared to last, that my mail and my phone haven't slowed appreciably since the whisker-breadth loss last November, and that the "tax-oppressed throngs" he mentions remain tax-oppressed, and probably see nothing funny about it.

The tax-revolt got lots of people's attention, including most public officials. I assure you that they have not forgotten about it, nor will we let them. But one doesn't have to brandisha club (or a tank) all the time to get things accomplished. The Taxpayers Association works from within and without. We have made many acquaintances and contacts with county government since coming into existence. Not all battles are won in the public eye, and we are not in the business to win fame or public acclaim. So don't worry overmuch about our lack of publicity in this off-election year. We are here andthose decision-makers who count know it.

I do wish your cartoonist would update my image, however. Get with it, Mr. Snyder. I've had afull beard for over ten months now. (It hides those heavy jowls you like to give me.)

You, sir, have the advantage of me with your ready-made forum and a wit obviously sharper than mine. I'll just have to try to keep plodding along as best I can. But as I told my poor mystified mother after your last cartoon, there are those who go out andtry to get things done, and then there are those who stay home and draw them.

(Ta-Daaaa, indeed.)


From: Linda Tetrault


The abortion issue in the Anne Arundel County School system is a topic which I feel needs to be clarified so it can be put to rest. If it takes rewriting a portion of the school policy, then so be it.

I plan to write to board members and ask that the portion of the school policy be rewritten which deals with "potentially harmful behavior of a student."

This needs to be acted upon as a priority issue. If the ACLU becomes actively involved in thisand they institute legal action, it will be our tax dollars used to settle this matter in the court system. I would rather see my tax dollars used to educate our children, not pay legal fees.

Once this issue is set out clearly in black and white, there can be no question as to the interpretation. There has been a lot of play on words goingon in this ongoing saga. A clear-cut policy will alleviate this so energies can then be directed in other areas to make this the best county in the state in which to reside and educate our children.


From: David N. Hawkins


I am a resident of Baltimore City (Brooklyn) and read your publication religiously.

I just finished reading Pat O'Malley's article on JV sports coverage ("JV gets no press for good reason," Sept. 18, 1991 Anne Arundel County Sun.). This without a doubt is the most absurd and inane piece of drivel I have ever read.

Hey! Why not do away with publicity for Brownies and Cub Scouts! I guess hugs for Special Olympic participants is out of the question also!


From: Phyllis Blubaugh

Glen Burnie

As an informed and educated voter, I would like to use this forum to voice my opinion in favor of the Governor's Redistricting Advisory Committee plan to redraw congressional district lines in Maryland.

I have carefully studied this proposal and it achieves many of the goals the committee had in its statewide hearings. First, it keeps the sparsely populated regions of Southern Maryland, Western Maryland and the Eastern Shore intact. Thisis important because these areas have characteristics that make themunique. Thus, the committee's plan ensures that the problems and concerns of these areas will be addressed by a member of Congress who can devote their energies to that particular region of Maryland.

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