Designers may show on giant TV on Times Square

September 25, 1991|By N.Y. Times

NEW YORK -- The Hotel Macklowe, the site of several forthcoming New York designer shows, is negotiating with Sony to have the fashion shows televised live on the giant video screen in Times Square.

(A great idea for traffic safety. Can you just see it? Cabbies ramming into each other. Bicycle messengers going head over handlebars. Sidewalk preachers hypnotized by 10-foot-tall models in miniskirts.)

Michael Kors, Bob Mackie, Mary McFadden, Steven Stolman and Joan Vass are among the designers planning to hold shows at the Macklowe in November.

The showings on the Sony screen, which measures 32 feet by 23 feet, would be simultaneous, said Michael Littler, the general manager of the Macklowe. They would be followed by edited roundups of the shows during the spring fashion week, Nov. 1-8.

He said the hotel would pick up the cost, estimated at about $3,000 per show. At the least, this could bring new meaning to the idea of traffic-stopping styles.

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