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September 24, 1991|By Robin Stratton Polimericks

March 1948




train wheels taunted

We chugged away from

North Philly Station

the blackest night of

$ my eight small years




roared through the tunnel


my head. I pressed

my noise against

the grimy window

pretending to see

into the blackness

not wanting anyone

to know . . . A half year and we've just begun

To wonder who lost and who won;

In the manic Mideast,

In the West Bank at least,

4( The more settled means the more un-.

All together, let's cheer them in chorus:

The bear pair of Mikhail and Boris;

Who's boss and who's not

Merely thickens the plot

8, Since both aren't against us but for us.

Though he limoed and flew to excess,

Though still chief of staff nonetheless,

In the Bush coterie

We now seldom see

0$ The incredible shrinking John S.

George Neff Lucas

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