Madd In Need Of Funds

Letters to the editor

September 22, 1991

From: Linda A. Collins

Treasurer, MADD


The Carroll County Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving was chartered in April of this year.

Since our charter, the chapter has given $500 to the local high schools for their substance-free after-prom parties, (served as) host to six informational booths across the county, established a Victims Impact Panel that will begin operation in October, established a toll-free telephone number -- (800) 427-8484 -- for victims within the state of Maryland and begun the first victim's quilt to remember the people who have been maimed or killed by drunken drivers within the state.

All of this has been achieved within the past six months.

Upcoming events include the MADD Masquerade, scheduled for Oct. 27 at Profiles, which will begin the kickoff for the Red Ribbon America Campaign.

Booklets of money-saving food coupons and red ribbons will be distributed through area grocery stores the first two weeks in November.

All of these events require funding. As the treasurer for the Carroll County Chapter, beginning the 1992 budgetary process, things look very bleak. Without the financial support of the citizens and businesses of Carroll County, we will not survive our second year.

We wish to thank the businesses that have given their financial support to date: Balzanna Insurance, Inteco, Ridge Engineering and Profiles.

We also wish tothank the citizens who have stopped by our booths and given us theirsupport.

We extend an open invitation to the other businesses andcitizens of Carroll County to join our efforts. Look at the differences that have been made in the last 10 years -- think what we could achieve together.

If every Carroll County citizen gave just $1, oursurvival would be assured.

Donations can be mailed to: MADD Carroll County Chapter, P.O. Box 1734, Westminster, 21158.

Thank you inadvance for your support.

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