Hospice Cup Race Sails To Success On Land And Water


Annual Regatta Nets $220,000 For Area Programs

September 22, 1991|By Nancy Noyes

One hundred yachts were on the race course last Saturday for the 10th annual Hospice Cup Race, the largest charity regatta in the nation.

The event, managed by the Shearwater Sailing Club, combines the fun of racing with a major fund-raiser to benefit hospice programs in the Washington, Baltimore and Annapolis areas.

The racing near Annapolis took the PHRF A and B and IMS I and II boats on a 14.1-mile windward-leeward contest. The PHRF C, Nonspinnaker and IMS III sailors used a shorter 12.6-mile version.

A specialHospice Class, made up of 13 teams aboard boats that do not normallyrace, joined the regatta for the occasion, sailing their own 7.5-mile course.

Because of an incorrect ZIP code in the regatta notice in the CBYRA Green Book, at least 20 entries were lost in the mail, leaving the Race Committee to deal with "mystery boats" without entry forms. This created massive scoring problems, particularly in IMS III and PHRF C, where the class winners' entries had not turned up in time for awards ceremonies that evening.

After a difficult week piecing things back together, scorer Dave Carvey has solved most of the mysteries and corrected the original errors. By Friday afternoon, he also had determined that Ben Michaelson earned the Running Tide Award for best overall in IMS for his IMS I win with the team on his J/44 Quintessence.

Calculations should be completed over the weekend to determine the winner of the coveted Hospice Cup Trophy, which is awarded to the sailor with the most consistently excellent performance in the past three Hospice Cup races.

In what is commonly called a "horizon job" -- an immense lead over the competition, leaving them all on the horizon -- winning the PHRF overall John P. Hills Memorial Trophy as well as top honors in the 17-boat PHRF A class was the St. Mary's College team aboard the school's Briand 50 Gem, with Annapolitan Mike Ironmonger as skipper.

This team's margin of victory was justshy of 11 minutes corrected time over the next closest competitor, Bill Sutton's J/35 Eroica.

"We started off in like 15 knots of breeze, and we finished up in a dying breeze in probably 6 knots or so, beating into an adverse current," Ironmonger said. "We needed to beat them by about 15 minutes (elapsed time) to win it, and we had that, and then the numbers just expanded because the race slowed down so much.

"If it had been a building breeze instead of a dying one, the situation would have been reversed and we would have gotten killed. Itwas the same old predictable north-northeast conditions -- you know,go left. We consistently stayed on the left side of the course, which seemed to help."

The Ralph A. Beeton Memorial Trophy, for excellence in helmsmanship by a Naval Academy midshipman, went to Tex Kellyof Annapolis, in the driver's seat for skipper Bo Hornbuckle aboard Morning Light, the academy's Frers 48, second in IMS I, while the McCarthy Memorial Trophy for best in the unique Hospice Class went to Keith Moore of Philadelphia with Witching Hour.

This year's Hospice Cup Race was a definite success ashore, with more than $220,000 raised for the hospices.

Hospice Cup provisional results

IMS I (5 starters): 1) Quintessence, Benjamin Michaelson Jr., Annapolis, 1:13:26c.t.; 2) Morning Light, Mid. 1/C Bo Hornbuckle, USNA, 1:14:21 c.t.; 3) Cinnabar, Mid. 1/C Bob Bruce, USNA, 1:17:28 c.t.

IMS II (12 starters): 1) Once Upon A Time, Pendleton Alexander, Annapolis, 1:20:27 c.t.; 2) Bucentaur, Stunda/Chambers, Annapolis, 1:23:18 c.t.; 3) Yellow Jacket, BFSS&W Syndicate, Annapolis, 1:24:48 c.t.

IMS III (9 starters): 1) Sugar, Brainard Parker, Annapolis, 1:17:28 c.t.; 2) Contraire, Steve Schaub, Eldersburg, 1:17:55 c.t.; 3) Blackpowder, J. Lawrence Hosmer, Annapolis, 1:21:19 c.t.

PHRF A (17 starters): 1) Gem,Michael Ironmonger, Annapolis, 2:17:00 c.t.; 2) Eroica, William Sutton, Arlington, Va., 2:27:54 c.t.; 3) Pullin' Willie, Kevin McNeil, Annapolis, 2:29:01 c.t.

PHRF B (18 starters): 1) PollyWannaCracka?, Larry Kumins, Annapolis, 2:35:01 c.t.; 2) Thunderbolt, Mid. 1/C Kyle Weaver, USNA, 2:35:38 c.t.; 3) Fast Track, Yeigh/Harrison, Annapolis,2:36:19 c.t.

PHRF C (17 starters): 1) Babe, Michael Bay, Germantown, 2:24:36 c.t.; 2) Bittersweet II, Jeff Chewning, Falls Church, Va., 2:28:29 c.t.; 3) Bang, Dave Gendell, Arnold, 2:29:20 c.t.

PHRF Nonspinnaker (9 starters): 1) King Nummy, Don Breder, Dresher, Pa., 2:31:41 c.t.; 2) Mischief, Michael Miernicki, Severna Park, 2:37:08 c.t.; 3) Cayenne, Antonio Sanpere, Annapolis, 2:37:42 c.t.

Hospice Class (13 starters): 1) Witching Hour, Keith Moore, Philadelphia, Pa., 1:52:01 c.t.; 2) Kateri Ann, Don Ross, Alexandria, Va., 2:02:04 c.t.;3) Friendship, (owner's name/address unavailable), 2:04:44 c.t.


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