MSGA Women's Senior

September 21, 1991

BETHESDA -- Marty King of Chartwell Country Club won her fourth Maryland State Golf Association Women's Senior title in the last 11 years, and her first since 1984, shooting 41-4283 at Kenwood Country Club.

MSGA Women's Senior At Kenwood CC

Overall: Marty King, Chartwell, 41-42--83; Joan Lins, TurValley, 44-40-- 84; Joan Winchester, Rolling Road, 44-40--84 (Lins placed second on a match of cards).

Group I (50-54) -- Gross leaders: Joan Winchester, Rolling Road 44-40--84; Anne Bailey, Robin Dale, 45-41--86; Faith Riggs, Green Spring, 42-44--86 (Bailey placed second on a match of cards). Net leaders: Judy Hoff, Elkridge, 88-11-77; Carol Levering, Hunt Valley, 97-20-77; Lelia Hendrin, Chevy Chase, 94-16-78; Catherine Chrismer, Turf Valley, 101-23-78.

Group II (55-59) -- Carmen Oelsner, Bretton Woods, 43-44--87 Paula Brown, Cumberland, 46-46--92. Net leaders: Liz Haynes, Argyle, 94-21-73; Jackie Emmart, Prince George's, 92-17-75.

Group III (60-64) -- Mickey Kriner, Columbia, 47-40--87; Nanc Chance, CC Maryland, 46-44--90. Mary Niemann, Chartwell, 93-18-75; Horty Amernick, 93-18- 75; Jeanne Guidera, Hunt Valley, 97-22-75.

Group IV (65-69) -- Rolande King, Rolling Road, 47-46--93; An Berquist, Kenwood, 49-48--97. Betty Marshall, Montgomery, 100-22-78; Marie Hasert, Argyle, 100-19-81; Betty Ann Robinson, Turf Valley, 98-17-81.

Group V (70-over) -- Pam Smyth, Congressional, 46-46--92; Gerr Cush, Argyle, 45-48--93. Isabelle Kelley, Kenwood, 95-23-72;

Esther Shimberg, Kenwood, 96-19-77.

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