71-year-old woman sentenced for passing forged prescriptions

September 21, 1991|By Michael J. Clark | Michael J. Clark,Howard County Bureau of The Sun

A 71-year-old Baltimore woman was sentenced in Howard County Circuit Court yesterday to 90 days of home detention for passing a forged prescription for a painkiller, a crime she said her son urged her to commit.

Circuit Judge Dennis M. Sweeney sentenced Eloise S. Scott of the 4500 block of Strand Street after convicting her of attempting to obtain painkiller Percocet from a Columbia pharmacy with a forged prescription on March 21, 1990.

The judge, who said it was a "heart-rending case," noted that it was Scott's third conviction for seeking prescription drugs under false

pretenses in the past 12 months. In each case she said her son had put her up to it.

The defense attorney, F. Vernon Boozer, said the case was "tragic" because Scott had "a spotless reputation until her husband died several years ago."

"Her son has a history of drug use and he has preyed on her to get her involved," Mr. Boozer said. "He would send her in with the phony prescriptions. It is shameful. Her son should be the one to be charged, but Mrs. Scott never would testify against her darling son."

Mr. Boozer said Scott's son would "send her into drug stores with the false prescriptions. In recent years, she has suffered from a stroke, high blood pressure and bad eyesight and she will do anything her son tells her to do."

Mr. Boozer would not give the son's name but said that he lives in Washington.

Judge Sweeney also gave Scott an 18-month suspended sentence and placed her on supervised probation for 36 months. The judge ordered her to pay for the private firm that will supervise her home detention.

The judge said that Scott will not be able to leave her home except for an emergency or medical treatment, and her son cannot visit or live with her during the probation.

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