Write now is the time Levine's fans can help him return to O's booth

Phil Jackman

September 20, 1991|By Phil Jackman

The TV repairman:

No word from Jon Miller yet on whether Ken Levine is going to be back doing Orioles games on WBAL Radio next season. It is suggested Levine fans warm up their typewriters and dialing fingers.

* The bi-weekly meeting of Notre Dame Bashers Anonymous will be called to order tomorrow when the Irish entertain Michigan State at 1:30 p.m. on N(D)BC . . . The ABC doubleheader has Florida-Syracuse at 3:30, Brigham Young and Penn State at 8 . . . Cable and syndication fill in with eight other contests. Just like a typical Saturday during college hoops, 11 games.

Besides, baseball -- CBS has the Blue Jays and the A's at 3 p.m. and TBS the Dodgers and Braves at 10 p.m. -- there's a tennis (Davis Cup) alternative and the announcement of the NBA all-star squad that will represent the United States at the Olympics in Spain next year.

NBC will attempt to make Academy Awards II out of the picks (5 p.m.), but there will be no surprises: Magic, Michael, Patrick, Bird, Charles, Mailman, Mr. Robinson and a few other guys who require both names for recognition. There could be a flap over the exclusion or late addition of Isiah.

Meanwhile, do you think the money the Peacock has invested in the Olympics ($400 million) and the NBA had anything to do with Michael Jordan changing his mind about playing?

* Hopefully, the Jays and A's game will fit into time constraints, so CBS doesn't have to embarrass itself by pulling the plug so that local happy talk (alias news) is served as happened to the chagrin of thousands last weekend when the Braves and Dodgers were delayed by rain.

The playoffs begin in the American League Oct. 8 (8:30 p.m.) with the National League beginning the next day (3 p.m.). A network spokesman assured the games most likely will be covered in their entirety.

* ESPN is testing the tennis buff mightily this day, the second singles match of the U.S.-Germany showdown from Kansas City not being shown until 2 a.m. Just as bad is the fact the final singles matches won't come on until midnight Sunday.

* Merlin Olsen of CBS laments pro football constantly changing its rules to increase scoring, asking, "What's next, a rule giving the offense an extra player?" Pretty risque stuff there, Father Murphy.

* ESPN, in its never-ending search for meaningful games, meaning contests involving the Blue Jays, Red Sox, Dodgers and Braves, will be giving just three days' notice before coming in with its cameras and changing starting times. The Beaners visit the nostalgia pit on 33rd Street next week.

* Home Team Sports has the Washington International Horse Show Oct. 25 and if John Lowenstein doesn't get the color job, something's amiss.

* Good news for NBA fans, cable division: Doug Collins will be aboard commenting until the end of TNT's contract (three years). Same goes for Hubie Brown.

* That's a nifty career opportunity for Jim Palmer, picking up a local talk show it is hoped will reach syndication. Remember, Jimbo, you're the interviewer, so ask a question and listen, don't interrupt.

* Don't be misled by Alex Karras as a guest on the Dick Schaap interview show on ESPN. His book, "Tuesday Night Football," is uproarious.

* Sonny Jurgensen doesn't win the Seagram's Golden Challenge II competition tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. on Channel 11, but commentator Gary Danielson points out, "Jurgy showed the way in parties and cigars." Joe Theismann wins.

* Has anyone, ever, followed the suggestion of a baseball announcer and headed for the ballpark upon hearing the words, "It's a beautiful night at the ballpark. Why don't you join us, there are plenty of good seats . . .?"

* "Monday Night Football" returns to WBAL Radio Oct. 7 and, yes, old mushmouth, Stan "The Union Man" White will be there the preceding hour to talk stunts and games, rotating zones and how John Unitas would be strapped to make an NFL team these days.

* The suggested retail price for pay-per-view of the Mike Tyson-Evander Holyfield fight Nov. 8 is $40 (bottom).

* THUMBS UP: NFL games last Sunday averaged 2:59 . . . The new show "Grudge Match" with Jesse "The Body" Ventura providing commentary as only he can: "Look at that, folks, he's eating canvas." . . . Jack Buck (CBS) saying Ron Gant "should have had it" as a triple went whizzing by Atlanta's bewildered centerfielder . . . Mike Tyson's work on Showtime: "There are a lot of world champions in the gym." . . . Pat O'Brien, in the studio, saying to Tim McCarver, in Atlanta, about Jim Kaat, in Toronto: "Tim, I wish you could see Kitty's tie" and the men fall into fits of laughter. Good stuff.

* THUMBS DOWN: Hank Stram's hairpiece (he actually paid cash-money for it) . . . John Madden already pushing his All-Madden team the first few weeks of the NFL season . . . USA Network running Larry Holmes comeback fights and treating them in a serious manner . . . . . . Topps getting rid of the bubble gum in the baseball card sets (too late, according to a generation of mothers) . . . Channel 45 having not one, not two, but three teases for an Orioles game during its 10 o'clock news . . . Channel 2 figuring the gripping battle for fifth place between the O's and Yankees isn't worth covering . . . The Dr Pepper starting lineups on TBS, and the Tru-Valu lineups on Raycom . . . Stickers on the Ohio State hats. The quarterback has eight already . . . The plethora of Art Schlichter features now that he's looking to get back into the NFL.

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