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September 19, 1991

Don't merge Coppin State with Morgan

I could not be in greater disagreement with the position in your Sept. 10 editorial supporting a study of the consolidation of Coppin State College and Morgan State University by the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

There is absolutely no reason for such a study because the role and mission of the two institutions are distinctly different. It is important to note that one is a college, and the other is a university. It appears the only reason such a study has been planned is that both Coppin and Morgan are historically black institutions. There were no facts or documented evidence presented to justify such a study.

We completely agree that it is necessary for Coppin State to be operated as efficiently and effectively as possible. But it should be pointed out that the current examination and reporting requirements from both the University of Maryland System Board of Regents, the governing body of Coppin State, and the Maryland Higher Education Commission are designed to achieve this purpose.

Second, there probably is no other institution of higher education in the state of Maryland that cooperates with more of its sister institutions than Coppin State, including long-standing relationships with UMAB, UMBC, UMCP, Morgan State and Towson State. We would be concerned about any study that would confine our relationship only to Morgan State. Such a study would also interfere with our ability to maximize our role as a college. We are equally concerned that the proposed study completely bypassed the University of Maryland System Board of Regents, our governing board.

We certainly are not afraid of studies of Coppin State. However, we are exhausted from all the studies of consolidations and mergers over the past decade. We look to the time when we will be allowed to turn our full attention to developing the best, comprehensive urban college possible without having to justify our existence every three or four years. This recurring state of uncertainty is unfair to the students and faculty of Coppin State and the community we have served well for the past 91 years.

Out of 13 public institutions of higher education in the state of Maryland, Coppin State is one of the two publicly supported colleges and the only public senior college in the Baltimore metropolitan area. To merge a college into a university is such a bad idea it does not even warrant a study. Nor is it reasonable to plan such a study, find out it is not a good idea, then switch to some other reason for conducting it.

Calvin W. Burnett


The writer is president of Coppin State College.

Death to killers

In reply to the letter in the Forum, "Yes, people with guns kill people" (Sept. 10), I.H. Desser states that many people sent letters to The Evening Sun expressing their displeasure that Eric Tirado did not get the death penalty.

I was one of those people expressing his discontent. We cannot continue to see police officers shot down in cold blood, only to see the perpetrator walk away with his life. I state again ` what signal are we sending to others, when we allow people such as Eric Tirado, after killing a state policeman, to cheat the gallows?

I ask Desser, in retrospect, what punishment would he give to Jeffrey Dahmer, in relationship to his demon-like killings of 17 people. Is Desser aware that if Dahmer is found to be mentally insane, he could be eligible for parole in a short period? What punishment would Desser give to John Thanos ` a killer in all respects of the word?

Let's face it: There are some human beings who are "evil," and no rehabilitation will ever allow them to live in society again.

ohn A. Micklos


Stop the spending

To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, when the leaders are not listening or they are being dictatorial, replace them. "Old Spend It Now" has raped the state treasury of a once-envied surplus and given the taxpayer a $300 million yoke by spending on projects without income to replenish the treasury.

He has raped the state employee of additional pay raises or COLA but he and his"puppets" have received a raise with the explanation that they deserve the raise.

He has called the Eastern Shore a s---house and the people of Cumberland "hillbillies." Now he has called upon the department heads to scream about their budgets - sounds like a tax increase. His transportation puppet screamed the loudest last June and many fees were raised. Since then a budget committee has discovered $75 million taken from the transportation budget and placed into the light rail project.

The state will have a financial burden well into the 21st century. He seems to be afraid of owners in the team sports business. It is time for him to be concerned about the opinions of taxpayers and the legislature. It is time he knows who the real boss is, which is not him.

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