Record Heat Closes School

September 18, 1991

Record high temperatures forced the county to close school early yesterday -- giving 65,000 students the afternoon off as the area entered its second 90-degree day in a row.

The National Weather Service at Baltimore-Washington International Airport said the temperature reached 97 degrees, beating the previous record, set in 1972, of 92 degrees.

All county schools closed two hours early. Sporting events were not allowed to begin until after 5 p.m.; many were canceled.

The decision to close school early depends on a variety of factors, including heat, humidity and how long the temperatures last, said Nancy JaneAdams, school district spokeswoman.

"We close if the kids are uncomfortable learning or they are put in an unhealthy situation," Adamssaid.

Of the 120 school buildings in Anne Arundel, 56 are air-conditioned. Adams said the air conditioned schools also must close on excessively hot days because of bus scheduling requirements.

The closing also meant the cancellation of after-school activities and community meetings scheduled for a school building.

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