Curley football coaches fired

September 17, 1991|By Mike Farabaugh | Mike Farabaugh,Evening Sun Staff

Archbishop Curley football coach Tony Brockmeyer planned the attention-getting incident for which he and his staff were DTC fired yesterday.

"We had had a couple of lackadaisical practices and I wanted to get their attention," said Brockmeyer, an alumnus of Curley and in his second year as head coach. "Actually, I didn't kick the trash can, my assistants [Bill Novak and Terry Boone] did, but I went in and took the heat for it. I repaired the damage and kept the [temporary] locker rooms straight after that."

Brockmeyer said he wrote a letter of apology to Curley principal, Rev. Robert Twele. "I told him what I did was stupid, that all the frustrations came out in 10 seconds. A couple of the kids asked me why after the incident, but most of them understood we wanted them to play with more enthusiasm."

Athletic Director Bill Dawson said in a statement last night, "An incident occurred with the football team about two weeks ago. The way it was handled by the coaching staff shows an incompatibility with the views, concerns, goals, objectives and execution of the program between the administrative staff and the coaching staff."

Brockmeyer said he thought the principal already had someone else in mind to coach.

Dawson said that Barry Brownlee, former coach at Northern High and now a teacher at Curley, would be the new varsity coach.

"The same sort of thing happened before," said Brockmeyer. "Mark Lehman was the coach and they talked to me about taking the job before he even was fired."

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