Murphy says she will have that baby

September 17, 1991|By Michael Hill

Murphy Brown surprised the pundits and decided to have the baby in the season premiere of that CBS show last night.

After the script by "Murphy Brown" executive producer Diane English made the expected pro-choice stand -- and revealed that the father was her left-wing ex-husband and not her right-wing recent boyfriend -- the show's main character wrestled with the what-to-do? question for most of the hour-long episode.

Eventually, Eldin the painter stepped forward, not only as the only person happy for Murphy, but also as the substitute father

For those who think that Murphy's being laden with child will immediately burden the office-oriented comedy with a conventional domestic layer, consider that the length of Murphy's pregnancy is exactly the length of one prime-time season. How about an is-it-a-boy-or-girl? cliffhanger to end this season next May?

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